How to Handmake Pet Accessories for Your Wedding: Adorable Collars, Paw Print Details, and Fun Photo Ops

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How to Handmake Pet Accessories for Your Wedding: Adorable Collars, Paw Print Details, and Fun Photo Ops

For couples with furry family members, including pets in your wedding provides comfort while capturing their role in your relationship story. Handmaking personalized accessories allows your dogs, cats, or other critters to participate in style!

This guide covers DIY pet gift and decoration ideas for incorporating your animals into wedding celebrations through collars, tags, signage, memorial accents, and fun photo booth props. Get ready to craft special touches making creature companions feel part of your momentous day!

Reasons for Including Pets at Weddings

First, let’s appreciate why pets are increasingly involved in weddings:

Part of the Family

Pets share precious history and bonds with couples over years. They’re like children who’ve seen the relationship grow.

Comforting Presence

Familiar animals soothe wedding jitters and separation anxiety for their humans on the big day through unconditional love.

Symbolic Uniting

Including both partners’ pets symbolizes merging two lives, showing acceptance of each other’s full family.

Adds Personal Meaning

Featured animals make the event uniquely personal and intimate by acknowledging pet memberships in the marriage.

Fun Attention Grabbers

Decorated pets create amusing photo ops, help express personalities, and add warm sentimental charm.

Responsible Planning

With thoughtful precautions and restraint, pets can safely partake without disrupting human guests.

DIY Pet Wedding Accessory Ideas

Handmade touches customize pets’ roles creatively:

Ornate Wedding Collars

Adorn furry ring bearers or aisle escorts with embroidered collars or neckties matching wedding colors.

Engraved Pet Tags

Laser engrave pets’ tags with the couple’s married names and wedding date for symbolic new family rebranding.

Custom Pet Bandanas

Sew coordinating bandanas from wedding fabric scraps featuring their names or cute phrases like “Mommy & Daddy Say I Do!

Paw Print Details

Use nontoxic pet-safe paints to stamp paw prints onto signage, programs, and crafts memorializing their participation.

Pet Corsages/Boutonnieres

Attach a small floral corsage or boutonniere to pets’ collars so they accessorize like the wedding party.

“Fur Baby” Signs

Have cute chalkboard or printed signs made up listing special furry wedding attendees by name as honored guests.

Pet Keepsake Portrait Ideas

Capture creative images with animal loved ones:

Getting Ready Poses

Photograph pets peeking out from behind floral robes and checking themselves out dolled up in mirrors alongside the bride and groom on the big day.

Seating Sign Posts

Have pets posed sitting or lying down next to whimsical table numbers or tent cards displaying their names marking reserved seats for them.

Walking Down the Aisle

Capture precious shots of dogs or cats being walked on leashes during the processional by honored family/friends or flower girls.

Cuddling at the Altar

Snap pictures of couples sweetly cuddling their cats, dogs, bunnies or other small pets together at the altar during or after the ceremony.

Pet-Friendly Cake Smash

Let leashed pets lick wedding cake frosting off the couple’s faces during a fun animal-approved cake smash photoshoot.

Group Portraits

Gather entire wedding parties including both humans and four-legged members for epic inclusive ceremonial images.

Memorializing Lost Pets

Honor deceased pets discreetly through:

Pet Memorial Charm Bouquet Wraps

Wrap bouquet stems with satin ribbons displaying small photo charms of passed pets to symbolically include them.

Memorial Candles

Include candle tributes burning in lost pets’ memory alongside other memorial candles for loved ones no longer here.

Framed Photos

Place framed photos of cherished pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge onto memory tables, cake/gift tables or attendants’ bouquets.

Favor Tribute Tags

Print package tags for favors saying “In Loving Memory of (pet name)” to commemorate pets on keepsakes.

Written Memorials

Mention beloved pets’ names along with other family in programs, announcements, ceremonies, or signs like “in memoriam”.

Paw Print Details

Use their stamped paw print on decor items like programs or signs to quietly represent their lasting pawprint on your hearts.

Pet Wedding Prep and Handling Tips

Follow best practices for smooth pet participation:

  • Accustom pets to any attire in advance and confirm proper fitted sizes.
  • Keep identification tags on pets in case of escape so they can be quickly located.
  • Feed pets normally but not right before events to prevent digestive issues.
  • Provide pets ample shady rest areas with water on hot days to retreat from crowds and heat.
  • Book trusted pet sitters to handle pets when needed versus locking unattended in rooms.
  • Prepare signs advising human guests how to kindly interact with onsite pets.
  • Arrange pet relief walks and scooping duties for handlers.
  • Ask venue about outdoor relief areas – some allow indoor potty pads.
  • Obtain all required permits and insurance waivers for animals attending venues.

Letting furry companions share wedding joy provides priceless memories worth smooth planning and preparation. Craft handmade accessories proving pets are voices deserving celebration in your new family chapter!

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