How to Make a Wedding Ring at Home

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How to Make a Wedding Ring at Home


Crafting personalized wedding rings from scratch allows you to put your heart into a deeply meaningful symbol of commitment. With some jewelry skills and the right tools, making rings at home becomes an attainable DIY project.

This guide covers everything needed to design and handcraft unique wedding rings. Learn how to choose metals, set stones, size rings accurately, and add personal embellishments through engraving, metal clay, and other techniques. Follow step-by-step ring making tutorials to create his and hers bands that beautifully capture your love.

Benefits of Making Your Own Wedding Rings

Handmaking rings offers many advantages over purchasing:

  • Cost savings – DIY rings cost a fraction of retail prices when sourcing metals and stones independently.
  • Customization – Every detail from metal colors to engraving can reflect your style, story, and vision.
  • Unique designs – Make one-of-a-kind rings unlike anything in stores.
  • Sentimental value – Rings made with care embody far more meaning than store-bought.
  • Eco-friendly – Melt and reuse scrap gold, silver, or platinum to give new life to precious metals.
  • Added symbolism – Incorporate special woods, stones, or embellishments holding significance.
  • Matching setsDesign perfectly coordinated his and hers rings tailored to each spouse.
  • Learn new skills – Expand your metalsmithing and jewelry making abilities.

Gathering Supplies for Making Wedding Rings

While a basic metalsmithing workshop can craft rings, a few supplies prove handy:

  • Jeweler’s saw – Fine tooth saws cut intricate ring band shapes. A ring saw custom fits fingers.
  • Ring mandrel – Steel tapered cones size rings and help form circular shapes.
  • Jeweler’s files – Smooth rough metal edges. Needle files reach small spaces.
  • Metal stamps – Mark the inside of bands with dates, names, or messages.
  • Jeweler’s hammer – Add decorative hammer marks as design elements.
  • Polishing cloth – Finish rings to a brilliant shine.
  • Ring holder – Secure rings while working with both hands free.
  • Jeweler’s loupe – Inspect rings at high magnification for imperfections.
  • Soldering torch – Fuse metals together while joining or resizing rings.
  • Jewelry pliers – Shape, bend, and manipulate rings. Use pliers to hold hot rings during soldering.
  • Ring box – Elegantly present finished rings.

Choosing Metals for Wedding Rings

From precious metals to alternatives, these factors impact choices:


Pure gold is very soft. Opt for 14k or 18k alloys. Yellow gold is most traditional, but rose and white gold varieties allow personalization.


The strongest precious metal. Pure platinum rings have a dark silvery hue. Drilling and soldering are challenging.


A more affordable platinum alternative at half the cost with a similar white appearance. Easy to work with.


Readily available .925 sterling silver makes very cost-effective wedding rings. Buff regularly to prevent tarnishing.


A popular alternative metal that is highly scratch-resistant. Unable to resize or engrave. Produces a gunmetal grey color.


Extremely durable, lightweight titanium provides an alternative contemporary metal finish. Also cannot resize.

Selecting Stones and Accents

Meaningful touches make rings even more personal:


Incorporate birth month gemstones into the engagement ring and coordinating bands.

Family Stones

Repurpose diamonds or colored stones with significance from heirloom jewelry or an ancestor’s ring.

Engraved Messages

Stamp names, dates, lyrics, or promises inside bands.


Use metal clay with indented fingerprints as an emblem of your one-of-a-kind union.

Wood Inlays

Accent bands with thin inlaid strips of exotic wood, an element of nature.

Mixed Metals

Combine metals like white and yellow gold for two-tone rings.

How to Determine Ring Size

For proper fit, measure finger width and length:

Step 1: Get a Ring Sizer

Purchase a simple adjustable ring sizer which provides measurement based on which size best slides on snugly.

Step 2: Measure Width

Wrap a strip of paper around the base of the finger. Mark the overlap and measure it with a ruler for circumference.

Step 3: Consider Length

Measure from base to tip of finger. Longer fingers may require slightly larger sizes for comfort.

Step 4: Print and Check Size

Print a ring size guide online and cut out rings of various sizes to double check best fit.

Step 5: Test Comfort

Try on similar sized rings and bands on that finger to determine ideal tightness. The perfect fit should slide over the knuckle but hug the base snugly without pinching.

Step-by-Step Tutorials for Making Wedding Rings

Follow along with these ring making tutorials for gorgeous personalized results:

Plain Band

  1. Select metal and gauge. Cut a ring blank slightly larger than finished size.
  2. File and sand raw edges smooth. Avoid rounding inside edge so it sits flush.
  3. Wrap blank around mandrel into perfect circle. Solder ends together.
  4. Size band by carefully filing down exterior. Frequently check fit.
  5. Use fine grit sandpaper to finish band edges. Polish exterior to high shine.

Two-Tone Band

  1. Cut two clean strips of different colored metals like white and yellow gold.
  2. Rivet strips together side-by-side with groove border.
  3. Size, shape, and join ends into a rounded band.
  4. File and polish striped edges smooth for defined two-tone effect.

Mixed Metal Inlay

  1. Cut a u-shaped channel around a ring blank’s center.
  2. Inlay a strip of contrasting metal into channel.
  3. Shape into band and fuse inlay/edges together with solder.
  4. Blend heights flush by carefully filing inlay even with base metal.
  5. Smooth away file marks for mirror finish.

Hammered Band

  1. Anneal ring blank until glowing red hot then quench. Repeat until malleable.
  2. Support blank on ring mandrel and texture with jeweler’s hammer. Consider alternating round and square hammer marks.
  3. Work gradually around circumference to harden.
  4. Size and fuse into a ring. Polish if desired.

Wire Wrapped Setting

  1. Select a center gemstone. Use pliers to grasp wire and form prongs.
  2. Bend prongs around stone to hold in place.
  3. Wrap outer decorative wire layers around prongs for embellishment.
  4. Attach wire setting with solder onto a plain band sized to fit.

Handmaking His and Hers Wedding Rings

When designing coordinating his and hers rings:

  • Match metals but vary decorative accents like engraving patterns, hammered textures, or wirework.
  • Make bands in two different widths proportionate to hand size. A wider band for him may be 6mm while hers is 4mm.
  • Incorporate birthstones, fingerprints, or meanings unique to each partner into their individual rings.
  • Surprise by having rings ready for a proposal! Just be sure to subtly double check ring size first.
  • For same sex couples, disregard gendered conventions. Unique engraving can discretely denote each ring.
  • Exchange custom rings during your ceremony for a deeply personal ritual.

Protecting and Maintaining Handmade Wedding Rings

Take measures to safeguard your investment:

  • Store rings in a protective box, pouch, or slotted insert to avoid scratching softer metals.
  • When wearing, remove rings before harsh cleaning chemicals, manual labor, or high impact activities.
  • For metals like sterling silver prone to tarnishing, buff rings periodically with polishing cloths.
  • Consider insurance appraisals through a qualified jeweler to replace rings in the unfortunate event of damage or loss.
  • Schedule annual cleanings with an expert jeweler. Ultrasonic cleaning freshens rings safely.
  • For loose stones in ornate settings, inspect prongs regularly and have a jeweler tighten if any appear weakened.

Sentimental Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Engrave messages on the inside of bands for a romantic secret:

  • “I love you”
  • Important dates like wedding date or first meeting
  • Coordinates of meaningful locations like proposal site
  • Song lyrics or poems
  • Vows, promises, or mantras
  • Each other’s fingerprints
  • Partner’s first name
  • “Forever yours”
  • Meaningful symbol like heart or infinity sign
  • “Together as one”

Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas

For alternatives to the traditional single band, explore:

Two-Piece Puzzle Rings

Two separate interlocking bands join together like a puzzle, symbolizing your perfect union. Wear daily as one or for travel security.

Double Bow Ring

A wrapped “ribbon” band tied into a bow on top creates a sweet ring suited for engraved messages underneath.

Lifespan Rings

Start with simple slim bands. On anniversaries, fuse more ornate bands alongside, illustrating your relationship’s richness over time.

Double Wave Ring

Fashion two intertwining waves to resemble the unity of water and sand coming together at the shoreline.

Family Rings

Incorporate small engraved birthstone gemstones into the band design to subtly represent growing future children.

Heart Rings

Craft open heart-shaped rings using wirework or cutouts so the openings lay next to each other when holding hands.

Fingerprint Rings

Embed impression scans of your fingerprints into one another’s bands in metal clay for the ultimate personalized touch.

Puzzle Piece Rings

Cut bands into incomplete puzzle pieces. Wearing them together completes the picture, like your hearts.


With dedication and some jewelry making skill, you can handcraft wedding rings infused with deep personal significance. Using metals and accents reflective of your love makes the pieces utterly unique.

While patience and practice is required, the process of ring making journeying toward your special day adds extra meaning. Research materials and techniques fully to tackle the basics yourself or work with an experienced jeweler to bring custom designs to life.

Surprising your beloved with rings crafted by your own hands transforms a wedding tradition into an intimate expression of devotion. The bonds forged through collaborating will strengthen the finished rings to last your lifetime.

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