Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Actually Appreciate: Thoughtful DIY Ideas Beyond the Boring Old Tie

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Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Actually Appreciate: Thoughtful DIY Ideas Beyond the Boring Old Tie

Your loyal groomsmen have your back on the big day. Show them gratitude with groomsmen gifts that express how much their support means rather than just generic ties or cufflinks stuffed in a box.

This guide is filled with thoughtful DIY gift ideas for standing up beside you on the alter. From personalized leatherman tools to customized barbecue sets, we’ll explore creative gifts your guys will truly appreciate long after the wedding. Give thanks through handmade gifts as unique as they are!

Reasons for Groomsmen Gifts

First, let’s appreciate why groomsmen gifts are a cherished tradition:

Say Thanks

It’s a chance to show genuine appreciation for the helpful, supportive work groomsmen contribute as wedding parties.

Relationship Builder

Exchanging heartfelt gifts strengthens the friendship bond you share with groomsmen, often lifelong pals.

Shared Memories

A personalized gift commemorates your history and becomes a sentimental keepsake of this milestone period in your lives.

Wedding Day Function

Practical items like flasks, tie bars, and cufflinks also serve an immediate useful purpose on the wedding day.

Photos and Reveal

Gifting creates fun moments like joint photos opening presents together or a reveal at the rehearsal dinner.


It reciprocates their gesture of standing up for you and likely purchasing attire to coordinate.

Now let’s explore how to choose gifts with individual personalities and pleasures in mind.

Tailored DIY Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Personalize gifts suited to each groomsman’s distinctive taste:

Monogrammed Wallets or Valet Trays

Monogram wallets or sleek valet trays with their initials for frequent use with professional pride. Opt for fine leathers.

Grilling/BBQ Sets

For the grillmaster, compile customized aprons, grilling tools, recipe booklets, and dry rub sets tailored to his barbecue style.

Homebrewing Kits

For the beer connoisseur, package together ingredients and equipment for brewing signature homemade batches. Include custom labels.

Sports/Gaming Packages

For the sports fanatic, combine jerseys, ticket keepsakes, sports memorabilia, or gaming gear from his favorite teams and pastimes.

Tech/Audio Gear

For the gadget lover, track down coveted electronics like headphones, speakers, fitness trackers or gaming accessories they’ve wanted.

Weekender Duffle Bag

For the frequent traveler, embroider a stylish leather weekend bag with his initials for jet setting in sophistication.

Cocktail Mixology Kit

For the amateur mixologist, bundle barware, unique syrups and bitters, vintage cocktail books, and starter spirits into a DIY mixing kit.

Engraved, Embroidered and Monogrammed Gifts

Monogrammed items add dapper personalization:

Flask or Cigar Case

Classic groomsmen gifts etched with their name, wedding date, funny quote, or coordinates of your special destination.

Money Clip or Bookmark

A sleek sterling clip or leather bookmark edged with their name or initials for frequent practical use.

Tie Bar

A polished silver or gold tie bar engraved with the wedding date, uplifting message, inside joke, or his monogram to complement their attire.


Classy initial or family crest cufflinks for accessorizing their tuxedo sleeves with sophisticated personal flair.

Knife or Multi-tool

An engraved pocket knife or leatherman tool makes a handy lifelong keepsake for the handyman on the go.

Luggage Tags

Leather luggage tags with contact info and a wedding quote add a symbolic touch for groomsmen who will travel far and wide.

Yeti Cooler

Monogram a premium yeti cooler with his name or initials if you really want to treat groomsmen to something indulgent. Fill with beers!

Sentimental DIY Gifts From the Heart

Infuse thoughtfulness into handmade gifts:

Memory Shadow Box

Assemble a wooden shadow box display filled with nostalgic memorabilia and photos celebrating your enduring friendship through the years.


Compile meaningful snapshots and stories chronicling cherished moments as friends into a custom scrapbook treasure.

Personalized Coupon Book

Create cute IOU coupons for free guys’ nights out, hosted game days, concert tickets, home cooked meals, or other fun bonding experiences.

Handwritten Cards

Thoughtfully composed, heartfelt, funny or rhyming cards can sometimes mean more than any gift. Seal with a flask or lottery tickets!

Framed Wedding Photos

Frame a professional portrait or candid snapshot from the wedding with an endearing engraved message on a plaque for remembering the day forever.

Inside Joke Gifts

Play off old nicknames, pranks, mishaps, or adventures you two shared over the years by recreating silly symbolic gifts that only you would understand.

Heartfelt Handmade Gifts

Even small hand-knitted gifts, painted pottery, or woven braided bracelets become cherished when made meaningfully from scratch.

Presentation Ideas and Keepsake Packaging

Wrap gifts creatively for a fun reveal:

Personalized Box/Bag

Package the gift in a monogrammed keepsake box, craft beer caddy, or custom duffel the groomsmen can reuse rather than disposable paper.

Thematic Container

Place the gift inside a hobby or interest related container like a sports cooler, grill crate, or instrument case.

Puzzle Box

For a challenge, conceal gifts within a multi-layer puzzle box needing decoding to access each surprise inside.

Treasure Hunt

Send groomsmen on a scavenger hunt adventure to unlock a series of clues ultimately leading to their gift.

Wedding Program Packet

Tuck gifts into a folder/binder with a copy of the wedding program, schedule, campground map, local recommendations or other useful wedding weekend info.

Delivery Experience

If apart until the wedding, ship gifts ahead then have a local provider like masseuse or bartender deliver them in humorous coordinated style. Document reactions!

Thoughtful presentation adds an element of revelry, adventure and surprise to groomsmen gifts. Make the revealing as fun as the gift itself!

Bonus Bachelor Party Gift Ideas

Extend gratitude through bachelor party gifts too:

Custom Liquor

Design custom bourbon, vodka, or moonshine bottles and labels commemorating wild memories earned along the journey to the altar.

Beer/Barware Kits

Give groomsmen engraved beer steins, craft brews, or cocktail shaker sets to equip them for lifetimes of toasting together.

Event Tickets

Treat groomsmen to passes for upcoming concerts, comedians, teams, races, festivals, or adrenaline adventures based on shared interests.

Guy Getaway gifts

Book a relaxing couples’ massage, round of golf, day fishing charter, or tickets for a future guys’ weekend as thanks for their hard party planning.


Surprise groomsmen with exciting new board games, video games, drones, VR goggles, streaming devices, hobby equipment, and other hot gadgets to play with together.

Comedy Show Recording

If you hired entertainment for the bachelor party, professionally record audio or video to share so everyone remembers the hilarious hijinks.

With so many options, gifting groomsmen something personal, purposeful and heartfelt is a privilege. Show your gentlemen gratitude through gifts as distinct as they are!

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