Cool DIY Accessories for Geeky and Fandom Themed Weddings

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Cool DIY Accessories for Geeky and Fandom Themed Weddings

For couples whose shared passion is sci-fi, fantasy, anime, gaming or other geeky genres, embracing that fandom love through wedding details is a dream. Handmade touches allow you to show your true colors, from World of Warcraft inspired invitations to Lord of the Rings style decor.

This guide will explore fun DIY ideas for accessories, signs, props, and photo booth flair suited to geeky theme weddings. With these creative hands-on details, you can fully immerse guests in the beloved fictional worlds you adore. Get ready to flaunt your inner geek in matrimonial style!

Planning a Geeky Wedding Theme

First, tips for organizing your geeky wedding vision:

Pick Your Fandom(s)

Determine which key fandoms or series hold the most meaning to feature. Stick to just 1-3 to keep the theme cohesive rather than chaotic.

Color Palettes

Study canon imagery to inspire your wedding color scheme. Think House banners in Game of Thrones or gem tones in Steven Universe.

Symbols and Motifs

Note iconic symbols related to your fandoms like Deathly Hallows, Avengers logo, Triforce crest, Rebel Alliance starbird etc. Feature them on signs, prints, and favors.

Music and Sound Effects

Use instrumental music and sound clips familiar to fans during ceremonies and receptions. Ringtones from Kim Possible or Final Fantasy victory tunes work!

Supporting Cast as Wedding Party

Have attendants and officiant dress as key characters that play meaningful roles by your side, like Han Solo and Princess Leia.


Select event spaces, menus, furniture etc. that channel environments from fandom worlds, like an astronomy museum for space themes.

DIY Signs for Geeky Weddings

Signage drops hints conveying the theme:

Fictional Location Signs

Make signs marking ceremony, reception, and other area locations after invented fantasy settings like Hogsmeade, Vulcan, or Coruscant.

Cosplay Welcome Signs

Stand at the entrance dressed as characters alongside a sign warmly welcoming guests to the ceremony/reception, adding your character names.

Hidden Message Signs

Incorporate secret insider messages and fictional lingo onto signs that fans will appreciate and understand.

Bio Signs

Introduce wedding party members with creative fictional biographies beside portraits on displayed signs, inventing backgrounds related to their costumes.

“No Muggles Allowed” Signs

Use cheeky signage restricting access to just wizards, Jedi, Avengers, etc. to amuse fans and immerse them in the story.

Rules for Proper Etiquette

Post “rules” in the style of Hogwarts school policies or Starfleet regulations to set playful expectations.

Photo Booth Props for Geeky Weddings

Props let guests embrace alter egos:

Costume Pieces

Provide an array of thematic hats, masks, glasses, jewelry, wands, wings, armor, weapons (foam of course), and other costume bits guests can try on and wield.

Speech Bubbles

Make speech bubble sticks guests can hold with fandom catchphrases like “mischief managed!”, “Hulk smash!”, or “beam me up!” filled in.

Fandom Quotes

Print out iconic meme-worthy quotes onto sticks like “one ring to rule them all” or “may the force be with you”.

Cosplay Photo Ops

Set up specific backdrops paired with props facilitating popular character cosplays like the Tardis, Iron Throne, Avengers Headquarters, etc.

Green Screen Fun

Use blank green screens allowing guests’ images to be digitally inserted into custom fantasy environments through post-processing apps.

Comic Word Art

Generate fun conversational word art graphics using famous fonts from comics like Batman’s “Kapows” and Superman’s cursive text.

DIY Fandom Accessories

Little touches personalize ensembles:

Superhero Masks/Headpieces

From Batman masks to Princess Leia buns, products that transform guests into characters make great costume complements.

Lightsaber Boutonnieres

Slide LED lightsabers through boutonniere buttonholes to illuminate groomsmen’s chests in cosmic style.

Horcrux Jewelry

Make replica pendants of significant magical relics from series lore for attendants and guests to wear like the One Ring or Elder Wand.

Custom Sneakers

Transform canvas shoes into one-of-a-kind high tops featuring your favorite games, shows, movies, characters or color schemes.

Character Watches

Buy inexpensive digital watches and use character decals to customize watch faces to display pixel art versions of beloved characters telling the time.

Fandom Socks

Rock character heads, symbols, or themed stripes on fun printed crew socks peeking out from formal shoes or gown hems.

Let your creativity run wild dreaming up ways to infuse geeky pop culture into every wedding detail. By embracing your passions as a couple, you’re guaranteed a day filled with personal meaning, adventure, and lots of fun surprises for fandom loving guests!

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