DIY Steampunk-Inspired Accessories for a Unique Retro-Futuristic Wedding

DIY Steampunk-Inspired Accessories for a Unique Retro-Futuristic Wedding

For couples who relish antiqued sci-fi and industrial fantasy worlds, incorporating steampunk style into your wedding provides an imaginative twist on matrimony. With the right mechanical embellishments and vintage flair, you can capture futuristic 19th century charm.

This guide covers ideas for handcrafting steampunk accessories, props, signs, and details to bring elaborate pseudo-Victorian whimsy to your ceremony and reception. Follow along to learn how to fuse romantic eras past with speculative eras future for imaginative matrimonial festivities. Full steam ahead to anachronistic marital bliss!

Planning a Steampunk Wedding Theme

First, tips for organizing your neo-Victorian steampunk vision:

Color Scheme

Richer vintage jewel tones like crimson, emerald, sapphire, and gold set the mood versus sterile modern hues. Incorporate metallics.

Time Period Spirit

Study late 1800s/early 1900s aesthetic from fashion to architecture to inspire period-appropriate retro elegance merged with futurism.

DIY and Upcycling

Make decor by creatively repurposing antique binoculars, compasses, clocks, maps, globes, and other artifacts into lighting, centerpieces, and sign holders.


Site the event in a historic industrial building like an old factory, train depot, or clocktower rather than a basic banquet hall. Highlight original period details.


Plan Edwardian-inspired high tea luncheons and elaborate vintage multi-course dinners transported from decades past. Include steam-powered marvels!


Encourage finely tailored suits, waistcoats, top hats, spats, bustles, petticoats, parasols, and military embellishments reminiscent of past generations.

Steampunk Accessories for the Bride

Take your bridal style back in time while making it future forward:

Top Hats and Fascinators

Adorn heads with extravagant feathers, gears, flowers, lace, pearls, and aviator goggles using millinery techniques.

Antique Lace

Integrate heirloom lace or antique embroidered handkerchiefs into your veil, dress accent, or headpiece for an old-world bridal vibe.

Burnished Metals

Incorporate necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, belt buckles and other jewelry details in copper, bronze and brass for a machined look.

Leather and Lace

Blend feminine lace and steampunk’s darker leathers together in corsets, fingerless gloves, chokers, garters and boots. Play with contrasts.

Glamorous Googles

Drape elaborate fancy steampunk goggles around your neck as a glittering bib accent, or perch them atop headbands.

Vintage Timepiece

Affix an antique pocket watch pendent to your bouquet, play up winding keys shapes in jewelry, or add a sash of working watch parts.

Steampunk Details for Grooms and Groomsmen

Help guys channel old-timey adventurers:

Pocket Watches

Customize vest chains with personal engraved antique-looking pocket watches to tie their look together.

Groom Top Hat

Find a vintage black top hat for the groom and decorate the hatband with mini cogs, watch parts, small medals, and mini tools like pliers.

Cravats and Ascots

Tie intricate cravat knots using strips of brocade, paisley or embroidered fabric. Add silk ascot ties tucked into waistcoats.

Spats and Cuffs

Spats add polished refinement protecting pant legs and shoes. Leather cuffs provide arm protection while adding cool straps and buckles.

Custom Canes

Carve, paint, and decorate the shaft of vintage walking canes using found items like compass parts and clock hands for eccentric embellishment.

Pocket Squares

Rather than silky pocket squares, embellish folded vintage maps, star charts, schematics or pages from Jules Verne.

Steampunk Details for Bridesmaids

Help bridesmaids couple ladylike charm with gritty elements:

Monocles and Specs

Add mock monocle eye pieces or tiny circular wire glasses on chains as funky sci-fi inspired accessories.

Clocks in Blooms

Have bridesmaids carry bouquets and wreaths decorated with small clock faces, gears, antique keys and watch parts woven into the flowers.

Rivets and Ruffles

Merge frilly ruffled bustles with copper leather armor pieces and metallic rivets for the best of both eras.


Parasols double as both sun shade and steamy mechanical prop when painted or decorated to mimic retro-futuristic stylings.

Cameo Silhouettes

Affix oval portrait cameo brooches picturing each attendant’s profile to belts, chokers, or jackets. They can be custom laser engraved.

Caged Crinolines

For liftable skirts, have hoops made from golden filigree or copper wire shaped into futuristic designs versus plain hoops.

By fusing age-old elegance with speculative fiction sensibilities through handmade touches, you can ensure a wedding that’s both timeless and ahead of its time in the most imaginative way.

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