Handmade Jewelry Using Crayons for Wax and Color Effects

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Handmade Jewelry Using Crayons for Wax and Color Effects


Crayons offer a fun, affordable jewelry making material with endless possibilities for DIY designs. The soft wax and vibrant colors are ideal for creating colorful beads, textured pendants, custom crayon cabs, decoupage, and more artistic jewelry pieces.

This guide explores innovative ways to transform crayons into stunning handmade jewelry. Learn melting, molding, and mixing techniques to turn crayons into wearable works of art. Discover beautiful project inspirations that harness the color and versatility of crayons!

Benefits of Crayons for Jewelry Making

What makes crayons a great jewelry crafting material? Here are some of the key advantages:

Vibrant Colors

Crayons provide access to a huge spectrum of pigments perfect for coordinating with outfits or creating color themes.

Wax Versatility

The malleable wax can be melted, molded, shaved, carved, and mixed with ease. It’s quite responsive to manipulation.

Creative Potential

Crayons offer a blank canvas for jewelry designs. Their association with youth and playfulness inspires fun, whimsical pieces.

Endlessly Customizable

You can blend crayon colors, make unique molds, layer with additional media, and more to achieve completely original looks.

Childhood Nostalgia

Upcycling crayons into wearable art pieces makes for a nostalgic DIY craft.

Cost Effective Material

Large quantities of crayons are very affordable, keeping project costs low. Bulk classroom packs provide ample supply.

Helpful Tools and Materials for Jewelry Making With Crayons

Aside from an abundance of crayons in assorted colors, here are a few other helpful supplies:

Double Boiler

A double boiler melts crayon wax gently without scorching. A makeshift version works with glass jars.

Silicone Molds

Various shaped silicone molds quickly turn melted crayon wax into focal beads, pendants, and components.

Plastic Utensils

Wooden skewers, popsicle sticks, plastic spoons, etc. provide inexpensive stirring/shaping tools so you can discard after.

Jewelry Findings

Eyepins, headpins, and ear wires allow you to attach crayon elements into professional looking finished jewelry pieces.

Resin or Glaze

Coating crayon designs in clear resin or jewelry glaze seals the wax and provides shine.

Cheese Grater

A handheld cheese grater provides an easy way to shave crayons into thin colorful strands to mix and mold.

How to Melt Crayons for Jewelry Making

Follow these steps for melting crayons properly for jewelry applications:

Step 1: Remove Paper

Peel the paper wrappers off crayons to prevent burning. Group same color crayons together.

Step 2: Break Crayons

Break crayons down into smaller pieces so they melt faster.

Step 3: Add to Double Boiler

Place crayon pieces in the top pan of a double boiler or makeshift version with glass jars.

Step 4: Melt Slowly

Heat over low to medium heat, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat once fully melted and smooth.

Step 5: Cool Slightly

Let melted crayon wax cool just long enough so it thickens slightly before pouring into molds.

Step 6: Pour into Molds

Carefully pour the liquid crayon wax into silicone molds. Tap to release air bubbles.

Step 7: Allow to Set

Let crayon shapes cool completely in molds before popping out. Cools within minutes.

Fun Techniques for Working with Crayons

Melting is just the start of the creative fun! Here are unique techniques for transforming crayons into amazing jewelry components:


Drop shavings of different color crayons into melted wax and stir gently to swirl them into a marbled effect.


Pour alternating colors of melted crayon into molds in layers. Let set between pours.

Embedded Objects

Press tiny items like confetti or glitter into the top layer of melted crayon before it fully sets.


Adhere paper designs onto pendant trays with decoupage glue. Brush melted crayon over the top as a sealant.

Crayon Cabbing

Fill bezel pendant trays with melted crayon wax to form round cabochon-like shapes in vivid colors.

Mica Powder Effects

Stir mica powder into melted crayons before pouring to create a metallic shimmer effect.

Inspiring Jewelry Projects Using Crayons

Looking for ideas to ignite your creativity for making crayon jewelry? Here are artistic ways to implement crayon techniques:

Crayon Bead Necklaces

Melt old crayons into colorful round, oval, cube, and cylinder beads. String together into playful necklaces.

Crayola Crayon Earrings

Pour brightly colored waxes into earring mold cavities for whimsical mini crayon dangle earrings.

Birthstone Crayon Pendants

Make round birthstone color pendants by pouring melted crayon into bezel molds. Attach a bail with epoxy glue.

Ombre Crayon Bangles

Layer melting crayons from light to dark in silicone bangle molds. Embed confetti between layers for a party bracelet.

Wax Sealed Jewelry

Adhere photos or text paper strips with decoupage glue onto blank pendants, then brush on a top layer of melted crayon as a sealant.

Watercolor Crayon Necklace

Drip and swirl melted crayons over paper decoupaged into a dome pendant for a faux watercolor effect once coated in resin.

Engraved Crayon Jewelry

Engrave names, dates, or messages into flat crayon plaques. Add a drilled bail to wear as engraved pendants.

Tips for Making Professional Crayon Jewelry

Want to take your crayon jewelry designs to the next level? Follow these pro tips:

  • Choose metal bezel trays with a rim to contain melted crayon when making cabochons.
  • Allow set colors to fully cure before adding more melted layers to prevent blending.
  • Rotate molds while pouring crayon wax in stages for even coverage on all surfaces.
  • Wear gloves when handling freshly melted wax to avoid burns.
  • Use alcohol inks on top of cured crayon wax to add details like veining or dot patterns.
  • Attach bails and jewelry findings with strong epoxy glue designed for plastic and metal.
  • Finish crayon pieces with a layer of clear jewelry resin or decoupage sealer for protection.
  • Display crayon jewelry in glass cabinets to prevent wax softening in warmer environments.


Crayons offer a budget-friendly supply for executing creative jewelry visions. Their bold colors, malleable wax, and nostalgia factor provide endless inspiration.

With some simple melting, molding, and repurposing techniques, crayons transform into gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. Their versatility allows for mixing materials and inclusion of keepsakes.

Bring back the playfulness and joy of youth through jewelry that celebrates the humble crayon. Turn bulk classroom packs into beaded strands, focal pendants, layered bangles, and colorful statement pieces.

Make ordinary days more fun by accessorizing with handmade crayon jewelry creations!

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