Making DIY Flower Girl Accessories: Headpieces, Baskets, Petals, and Wands They’ll Cherish

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Making DIY Flower Girl Accessories: Headpieces, Baskets, Petals, and Wands They’ll Cherish

Flower girls deserve to feel just as special and pampered as the bride on the big wedding day. Creating handmade accessories helps little attendants get into character while giving them treasured keepsakes to cherish.

This guide covers crafting magical flower crowns, floral wands, embroidered baskets, organza pouches, and other enchanting flower girl decor. With these personal touches, you can make flower girls beam with princess-style joy as they prepare for their big ceremonial role.

Why DIY Flower Girl Accessories?

First, let’s appreciate the rewards of handmade flower girl gifts:

Sentimental Value

Accessories made lovingly for flower girls carry more meaning and become keepsakes they’ll treasure forever.

Creative Fun

Whimsical projects like wand-making bring out your playful side while making memories creating together.


You can match accessories perfectly to your wedding’s theme, colors, and the flower girls’ outfit styles.

Cost Effective

DIY flower accessories are much more affordable than buying pre-made pieces from high-end bridal retailers.

Suit Flower Girls’ Ages

You can tailor projects to suit maturity levels – complex activities for older girls versus simple projects for tots.

Safety First

You control materials used which helps prevent potential allergies compared to dyes or irritants in mass-produced products.

Flower Crown and Wreath Ideas

An ornate floral headpiece transforms any girl into a woodland princess:

Fabric Flower Crown

Hot glue fabric roses, peonies, and other blooms onto a plastic headband base for a customized floral halo.

Preserved Real Flowers

Glue minimally treated garden flowers onto a wreath base for a natural fresh-picked look that lasts versus silk florals.

Paper Blooms

Fold crepe, tissue, or book paper into origami blooms then gather into a floral crown decorated with pearls, leaves, and ribbon streamers.

Seasonal Wreaths

Incorporate seasonal blooms like paper wildflowers for spring, sunflowers for summer, maple leaves for fall, and evergreen twigs for winter.

Birth Flower Theme

Research the birth month flower for each flower girl like carnations for January or lilies for June. Feature those signature blooms in headpieces.

Butterfly Wings

Flanking the flower crown with glittery mesh butterfly wings adds a magical whimsical touch befitting a fairy princess.

Decorative Flower Basket Ideas

Fill a sweet handmade receptacle with petals for tossing:

Woven Basket

Adorn a small woven reed or seagrass basket with bows, flowers, and beads for an organic chic look.

Embroidered Linen

Line a basic little basket with linen embroidered with the flower girl’s initials for a personalized pretty touch.

Painted Wicker

Upcycle thrifted picnic baskets or wooden crates by painting them in the wedding color palette and adding a handle.

Paper Mache

Make a DIY paper mache basket shaped like a seashell, pumpkin, heart or other fun motif and decorate with paint and glitter.

Beverage Carrier

Wrap ribbon around the handle of a can or bottle beverage carrier for quick DIY converting into a petal tote.

Ornate Box

Place petals inside a hinged wooden treasure box with handpainted or burnt floral designs rather than a handled basket.

Wedding Petal Ideas

Fill flower girl vessels with special handmade petals:

Paper Petals

Cut out flower shapes from coordinating tissue or crepe paper in the wedding colors for gently dropping paper petal confetti.

Fabric Petals

Cut petal forms out of satin, organza, lace or other luxurious fabrics in the bridal party’s hues.

Wood Shavings

Use a wood shaver tool to make curly fine wood petal shaped shavings from fragrant cedar, pine, birch or basswood planks.

Origami Petals

Fold origami papers into petite blossoms to intersperse between natural flower petals for variety.

Herbal and Potpourri Petals

Mix in fragrant herbal and potpourri petals like lavender buds or rose hips for a scentful toss.

Metallic Foil Petals

Craft pressed foil flower petals using candy wrappers or foil sheets for shimmery shine floating down the aisle.

Decorative Flower Girl Wands

A magical wand completes a flower girl’s fairy-like ensemble:

Streamer Wand

Affix curled ribbons around a wooden dowel in the wedding colors. Top with a glitzy star or heart shaped wand topper.

Floral Hoop

Bend wire into a round hoop shape and adorn with fabric flowers, tulle bows and streaming ribbon tails.

Birdcage Wand

Creative a cone-shaped wand by wiring together a small inverted birdcage shape topped with flowers and charms inside.

Lantern Wand

Suspend a mini paper lantern ornament from a wooden dowel for an illuminated garden theme. Add faux butterflies.

Crystal Scepter

Turn a basic dowel into majestic mock scepter by capping with a large faceted glass crystal gemstone adorned with ribbons.

Bouquet Wand

Group a petite nosegay of floral stems with ribbon binding them to one end of a birch branch for a fresh springtime look.

Finishing Touches and Accessories

Pull together the flower girl vision with coordinating accents:

  • Floral halos like delicate head vines or beaded forehead chains
  • Fluttery wings in sheer fabrics or glitter mesh
  • Decorative sashes
  • Floral bracelets made with elastic and fabric flowers
  • Anklets with little bells or charms
  • Sheer ballet slippers or glittery shoes
  • Monogrammed petticoats or satin gloves
  • Mini clutches with flower details
  • Floral hair clips and floral headband

With so many handmade ways to decorate flower girls, soon you’ll have fairy princesses ready for their ceremonious moment in the wedding spotlight!

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