Handmade Jewelry Using dominoes: Make a Statement by the Dot

Handmade Jewelry Using Dominoes: Make a Statement by the Dot

The simple spotted tiles of classic dominoes offer immense creative potential for handcrafting unique jewelry pieces. Dominoes are small canvas blocks just waiting to be transformed into personalized pendants, charms, rings, earrings, and other accessories. With some basic jewelry making techniques, it’s easy to upcycle old domino sets into necklaces, bracelets, and more that make a bold visual statement. The graphic black and white dots inspire modern geometric designs, while the dots can also be painted, embellished, or incorporated into mixed media pieces. Whether using full domino tiles or cutting them into smaller shapes, dominoes provide an affordable, sustainable material for DIY statement jewelry full of sophistication and nostalgic fun.

Why Make Jewelry from Dominoes?

Using recycled dominoes as components for handmade jewelry has many advantages:

  • Eco-friendly – It repurposes items that would otherwise be discarded.
  • Budget-friendly – Old domino sets can often be sourced for free or very cheap.
  • Nostalgic – Dominoes remind many of beloved childhood games and memories.
  • Graphic – The bold black and white dots inspire modern geometric jewelry designs.
  • Customizable – The small canvas size allows for creative embellishments.
  • Artistic – Dominoes can be the starting point for all kinds of cool abstract and mixed media jewelry.

With just some basic jewelry making supplies and domino tiles, you can start crafting domino accessories bursting with creative individuality!

Best Domino Types for DIY Jewelry

While standard double-six or double-nine spotted dominoes work great, there are many domino varieties that can provide inspiration:

  • Colored dominoes – Spots in hues besides black and white.
  • Large format dominoes – More surface area for embellishing.
  • Blank dominoes – For a monochromatic palette.
  • Etched dominoesIntricate designs replace the standard dots.
  • Wooden dominoes – Offer natural material aesthetic.
  • Cardboard dominoes – Lightweight and easy to cut.
  • Experimental dominoes – Odd shapes and non-standard layouts.

Mix and match different types of dominoes within a single jewelry piece for extra artistic flair.

Helpful Supplies for Making Domino Jewelry

In addition to the dominoes themselves, you’ll need some basic jewelry making materials:

  • Jewelry pliers – For shaping wires and findings.
  • Wire cutters – For cleanly cutting wire.
  • Jewelry wire – For attaching bails and other findings.
  • Jump rings – To connect domino pendants onto chains.
  • Eyelets and head pins – Create loops to dangle dominoes as charms.
  • Earring hooks – Convert dominoes into earrings.
  • Jewelry chain – Complement the graphic domino focal points.
  • Cord and beading wire – For stringing domino beads.
  • Glue – Attach findings permanently onto dominoes.
  • Embellishments – Rhinestones, nail polish, paint pens, etc. to decorate.

Technique Guide for Making Domino Jewelry

These key techniques will help you design and assemble domino jewelry creations:

Prepare Dominoes

  • Clean dominoes thoroughly with soapy water to remove any dirt or residue.
  • Smooth any rough edges with nail file or sandpaper. This prevents snagging.
  • Cut dominoes into customized shapes using jeweler’s saw or tile cutter if needed.

Embellish and Enhance Dominoes

  • Paint dominoes with acrylic craft paints, spray paint, or nail polish for pops of color.
  • Use markers, decals, rhinestones, modeling clay to further decorate.
  • Etch designs, letters, or patterns into blank dominoes with a Dremel rotary tool.

Attach Findings and Components

  • Use pliers to open and close jump rings, eye pins, head pins, clasps, crimps, and bail attachments.
  • Glue flat earring backs, pins, or magnets onto domino tiles to create earrings, pins, and fridge magnets.
  • Wire wrap loops around dominoes to connect them onto chain lengths as pendants.

Assemble Domino Jewelry Pieces

  • Arrange domino beads on a wire, cord, or chain and finish with clasp or crimp ends.
  • Combine embellished domino cabochons into clusters for funky focal bead necklaces.
  • Frame small domino tiles in resin or metal bezels for one-of-a-kind pendants.

Quick DIY Domino Jewelry for Beginners

These easy beginner domino projects can be made in under an hour:

Domino Pendant Necklace

Give a domino tile new life as a minimalist necklace pendant.

  • Clean and polish a single domino tile.
  • Using pliers, attach a jump ring through a drilled hole or directly around the domino edge.
  • Connect domino to a delicate chain to wear as a necklace.

Domino Earrings

Small dominoes become quirky unexpected earrings.

  • Select two mini plastic or wooden dominoes. About 1⁄2 inch size works well.
  • Using pliers, attach earring wires or posts onto the dominoes with jump rings.

Dot Bracelet

Line up dominoes on a memory wire bracelet base for a graphic stacked look.

  • Gather an assortment of various sized domino tiles with dots in different configurations.
  • Arrange dominoes in pleasing order and string onto flexible memory wire one by one.

Unique Upcycled Domino Jewelry Design Ideas

Take inspiration from these creative ways to transform dominoes into wearable art:

Etched Metallic Domino Necklace

Elevate a simple carved domino pendant by coating it in metallic finish.

  • Use a Dremel to etch a freehand design into a blank wooden domino’s surface.
  • Paint over the etching with Rub ‘N Buff metallic wax in gold, silver, or copper.
  • Add a simple bail with jump ring to wear etched domino as a minimalist necklace.

Mosaic Domino Bracelet

Arrange cut domino pieces into a mosaic stack bracelet.

  • Use tile cutter to slice dominoes into smaller rectangle slices.
  • Inlay domino slices side-by-side on a clear glass or resin bangle base.
  • Fill space between dominoes with resin to create mosaic bracelet.

Ombre Dyed Domino Necklace

Gradient dye dominoes into bold ombre shades for bohemian chic.

  • Submerge stack of dominoes halfway into cups of diluted fabric dye in complementary colors.
  • Allow dominoes to soak and dye at halfway point to achieve an ombre effect.
  • Once dried, wire wrap dyed dominoes together in a long strand as a necklace.

Epoxy Clay Dot Stud Earrings

Make a pair of chic abstract earrings with polymer clay dots.

More Domino Jewelry Inspiration

  • Frame domino slices between glass to create one-of-a-kind beads
  • Use square blank dominoes as canvases for nail polish marble art pendants
  • Stencil numbers onto dominoes to commemorate special dates as necklace charms
  • Incorporate game pieces like spinners into domino designs for mixed media jewelry
  • Cut dominoes into small squares and use to make eclectic stamped metal cuff bracelets
  • Adhere rows of mini dominoes into beaded chain bib necklace designs
  • Etch names or words into domino surfaces for custom personalized jewelry keepsakes

With some creativity and simple jewelry making techniques, the nostalgic graphic dot patterns of dominoes can be transformed into contemporary DIY jewelry designs and accessories. Upcycling old domino sets prevents waste while creating eco-friendly jewelry infused with personal meaning. Whether going for bold geometric statements or delicate and minimalist, handcrafted domino jewelry is sure to spark conversation.

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