Handmade Jewelry Using Rubber Bands: Twist and Shape Vivid Designs

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Handmade Jewelry Using Rubber Bands: Twist and Shape Vivid Designs

Ordinary rubber bands, often overlooked as basic office or household supplies, offer immense versatility and potential when handcrafting jewelry. Crafters have long realized the creative possibilities of DIY jewelry from rubber bands. These elastic circles can be linked, woven, twisted, braided, and knotted into colorful rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. With some basic techniques, even beginners can transform stashes of rubber bands in every color of the rainbow into stunning accessories. Compared to other jewelry materials, rubber bands are easy to acquire, affordable, and customizable. Beyond their practicality, rubber bands allow for sculptural contemporary designs, abstract stacked textures, and vibrant graphic rainbow palettes. Renew rubber bands as you renew your jewelry collection and get ready to unleash your imagination.

Why Make Jewelry from Rubber Bands?

Rubber bands have many advantages as an arts and crafts material:

  • Inexpensive – Packs are widely available at low cost.
  • Accessible – Find these basic supplies easily in stores or offices.
  • colorful – Available in every color including neons, pastels, metallics.
  • Pliable – Their stretchiness makes them easy to link, knot, and weave.
  • Reusable – Band packs produce minimal waste compared to other disposable materials.
  • Textured – Weaving and layering rubber bands yields cool sculptural surfaces.
  • Fun and Creative – Allows for unlimited abstract jewelry designs.

Let your inner child run free and rediscover the creativity within these humble household objects!

Selecting Rubber Bands for Jewelry Making

When purchasing rubber bands for jewelry projects, consider factors like:

  • Width – Thinner bands work well for delicate designs. Wider bands make bolder statements.
  • Color – Choose an assorted pack or customize your own color palette.
  • Latex free – For anyone with latex allergies, look for non-latex rubber or silicone bands.
  • No dyes – Opt for undyed natural rubber bands if concerned about potential dye allergies.
  • Smooth vs textured – Most are smooth but some feature crisscross or grid textures for visual interest.

Helpful Tools and Materials for Crafting Rubber Band Jewelry

Basic jewelry making supplies complement rubber bands nicely:

  • Jewelry pliers – Use chain nose, flat nose, and round nose pliers for shaping findings and gripping rubber bands.
  • Wire cutters – For cutting jewelry wire cleanly.
  • Jump rings – Connect separate band segments together or attach clasps.
  • Jewelry wire – Useful for wrapping around or stringing rubber band designs as needed for structural support.
  • Cord – String bands into beaded necklaces or bracelets.
  • Glue – For securing component parts. Avoid harsh glues that can damage latex.
  • Embellishments – Beads, chains, charms, etc. to incorporate along with rubber bands.
  • Jewelry findings – Clasps, crimp beads, head pins, eye pins, earring wires, etc.

Helpful Techniques for Designing Jewelry from Rubber Bands

These tips will help you get started using rubber bands to make jewelry:

  • Cutting bands – Use sharp scissors to cut bands. Cutting diagonally creates angled ends.
  • Linking bands – Loop one band through another, then pull to link together. Repeat to form chains.
  • Knotting bands – Tie single or double knots along one band or between two interlocked bands.
  • Twisting bands – Grasp ends of one or more bands and continuously twist to form spirals.
  • Weaving bands – Interlace bands through each other at perpendicular angles.
  • Braiding bands – Layer three or more rubber bands and braid the strands together.
  • Coiling bands – Wrap continuous bands around themselves to create spirals.
  • Layering bands – Stack cut bands on top of one another and adhere together with glue.

Quick and Easy DIY Rubber Band Jewelry for Beginners

Here are some beginner-friendly projects for making jewelry from rubber bands:

Rubber Band Bracelet

Stacking cut bands makes a simple bold bracelet.

  1. Cut rubber bands to fit wrist size.
  2. Arrange bands in color order.
  3. Use craft glue to adhere stacked bands together.
  4. Once dry, add a bead or charm dangle if desired.

Linked Rubber Band Necklace

Linking rubber bands form colorful daisy chains.

  1. Choose an assortment of band colors.
  2. Use fingers or pliers to loop bands through each other.
  3. Once necklace reaches desired length, use a final band to join ends together.

Twisted Rubber Band Ring

Two-tone twisted bands become an easy funky ring.

  1. Cut two skinny rubber bands in different colors, at least 12” long each.
  2. Twist bands tightly together.
  3. Wrap twisted band around finger into ring shape; knot ends to secure.

Braided Rubber Band Bracelet

Simple 3-strand braid makes a cool surfer-style bracelet.

  1. Select 3 rubber bands in complementary colors.
  2. Fasten bands together at one end.
  3. Braid the 3 strands together down the length.
  4. Knot ends together to finish.

Unique DIY Jewelry Designs Using Rubber Bands

Take your rubber band jewelry to the next level with these creative designs:

Coiled Rubber Band Bangles

Stack coiled bands into colorblock bangles.

  • Choose an assortment of rubber band colors.
  • Wrap each band tightly around itself to coil into a spring shape.
  • Arrange coils in pattern and glue onto bangle base.

Rubber Band and Chain Bib Necklace

Connect chunky braided band bib with delicate chains.

  • Flat braid wide rubber bands into a wide bib shape.
  • Use jump rings to attach length of chain dangling below braid.

Knotted Rubber Band Choker

Knotted skinny bands create modern texture.

  • Tie mini knots along one thin band.
  • Once fully knotted, glue ends together to form choker.

Woven Rubber Band Cuff

Colorful woven bands become a textured statement cuff.

  • Weave bands together through each other at perpendicular angles.
  • Adhere woven panel onto a rigid cuff base.

More Rubber Band Jewelry Inspiration

  • Stack cut bands and adhere together, then slice into thin pieces for mosaic pendants
  • Thread small beads onto bands before knotting and linking into necklaces
  • Wrap bands around metal rings, bangles, or other bases to add pops of color
  • String rubber band balls in place of beads for knotted necklaces with round texture
  • Braid together bands of varying widths for multi-dimensional chunky cords
  • Tie tiny knots into chain formations to make kinetic rubber band necklaces
  • Use rainbow bands on their own or combine with solid metal pieces for trendy contrast

The simple rubber band takes on new life when transformed into handcrafted jewelry. These inexpensive, accessible supplies feed creativity and allow for truly one-of-a-kind sculptural adornments. Whether going for bold and funky or delicate and minimalist, rubber band jewelry offers endless room for invention.

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