5 Tips for Starting a Handmade Pet Accessories Etsy Shop

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5 Tips for Starting a Handmade Pet Accessories Etsy Shop

Pet owners love to pamper their furry friends with unique accessories like collars, leashes, and bandanas. Handmade pet goods allow you to unleash your creativity while catering perfectly to pets’ sizes and styles. If you’re skilled at crafting pet products, opening an Etsy shop could be a fun and rewarding way to turn your passion into profit.

In this article, we’ll share five essential tips to help you successfully set up and run a handmade pet accessory shop on Etsy. Let’s get started on making adorable handcrafted goods and tailoring your shop for sales success!

Tip 1: Research Your Niche

As with any business, the first step is researching the market opportunity. Some important things to analyze:

  • Pet owner demographics – who buys pet accessories?
  • Popular types of handmade pet products
  • Current trends and consumer demand
  • Competitor pricing and positioning

Look at reviews and sales for comparable best-selling Etsy shops to understand what’s thriving. Then brainstorm how to differentiate yourself. Offering unique, high-quality products tailored to current trends will help your shop stand out in this popular market.

Tip 2: Pick Products with Sales Potential

With research done, carefully choose which pet products to make based on proven sales opportunity. Best-sellers to consider include:

Pet Collars

Custom sized and personalized collars allow you to showcase great fabrics and decorative details like bows, flowers, and Hardware. Offer collars for dogs and cats.

Leashes and Harnesses

Stylish leashes with matching collars sell well together. Custom sizing makes them more comfy.


Fun prints and trims like fringe make these a versatile accessory. Easy to ship too!

Pet ID Tags

Engraved and stamped tags customized with pets’ info are very popular.

Pet Apparel

Seasonal clothes like sweaters, hoodies, and raincoats tend to sell consistently.

Start with your best few product types that fit your skills. You can always add more later!

Tip 3: Source Quality Materials

The materials you use dictate the quality of your finished accessories. Look for:


Canvas, cotton, leather, and nylon are durable options. Buy patterned cottons for stylish collars and bandanas.


Quality buckles and D-rings ensure safety and longevity. Have extras on hand.


Self-adhesive Velcro makes adjustable closures for comfort. Good for leashes, harnesses and clothes.


Ribbons, beads, studs – purchase accent pieces in bulk for savings.


Tissue, stickers, gift bags – polish your products with nice presentation.

Take time to source wholesale supplies to maximize profit margins. Quality materials lend an elevated, handmade feel.

Tip 4: Stylish Product Photos Attract Sales

Great photos make your accessories pop on Etsy. Follow these tips for eye-catching product images:

Shoot on White Background

A clean, consistent backdrop keeps the focus on your items.

Capture Details

Get close-ups of any unique details like fabrics, accents, and personalization.

Fun Angles

Get creative with prop styling and angles. Overhead shots work nicely.

Lifestyle Photos

Show products being worn when possible. Use cute pet models!

Optimize For Mobile

Horizontal images tend to display well on mobile platforms where most shoppers browse.

Edit for Consistency

Adjust lighting, crop for consistency across your shop’s grid view.

Refreshing photos boosts your SEO and traffic. Invest time in gorgeous product photography.

Tip 5: Marketing and Promotions Attract Sales

Pretty pictures and products will only take you so far. Clever marketing and promotions convert viewers into paying customers.

SEO Titles and Tags

Optimize product listings with keywords shoppers search. Include terms like “handmade”, “custom”, “pet” and specific breeds.

Social Media

Share your brand and products across Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Hashtags help discovery. Contests also boost engagement.

Sales and Coupon Codes

Offer percent off sales or free shipping codes to incentivize buying. Display these prominently on listings.


Partner with pet influencers on sponsored reviews and social promotions. The exposure helps.

Paid Ads

Consider small paid ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to get your products discovered.

Driving traffic and sales takes work. Set aside time each week for marketing efforts to grow your shop.

By following these five tips, you can transform your pet accessory making passion into a thriving handmade business on Etsy. Do your market research, choose hot selling products, source quality materials, photograph beautifully, and promote persistently. Your custom creations will stand out while satisfying pet owner demand for unique, customized goods for their beloved companions. Get ready to unleash your handmade shop onto the world!

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