Making a Handmade Statement With Your Shoes: Dazzling DIY Heels, Sparkling Flats, and Decorated Wedding Boots

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Making a Handmade Statement With Your Shoes: Dazzling DIY Heels, Sparkling Flats, and Decorated Wedding Boots

Your wedding footwear deserves just as much personality and attention to detail as your dress. While you have endless style options to choose from, customizing your kicks with handmade accents makes them all the more meaningful and memorable.

This guide will explore fun ways to decorate and personalize bridal heels, flats, sandals, and boots using DIY embellishments. With some creativity and craftiness, you can design standout shoes that give your whole bridal look a signature spin.

Why Personalize Your Wedding Shoes?

Before diving into decor techniques, let’s appreciate why customized wedding shoes are so popular:

Make a Statement

Distinctive shoes become a symbolic focal point and talking piece that expresses your style.

Enjoy the Process

Decorating your own shoes is an enjoyable DIY project you can pre-wedding. It’s relaxing and gets your creative juices flowing.

Add Sentimental Value

Infusing your shoes with personal charms, fabrics from family heirlooms, love notes, etc. makes them meaningful keepsakes.

Suit Your Style

Even designer shoes likely still need a little alteration to perfectly match your vision. Customization ensures everything coordinates.

Cost Savings

With ideal shoes as your blank canvas, embellishing yourself avoids the endless search for the “perfect” ready-made pair.

Stand Out Photos

Fun shoes guarantee Instagrammable moments that pop in photos against your gown’s skirt and train.

Selecting Your Shoe Silhouette and Heel

Start your design process by selecting shoe types that align with your dress, venue, and comfort needs:

Heel Heights

Consider heel heights – flats for outdoor or casual weddings, low kitten heels for maneuvering on grass or sand, mid heels that still feel stable, or dramatic high heels for grand ballrooms.

Toe Styles

Do you prefer open or closed toe? Peep toes are romantic. Pointed toes elongate. Rounded or squared toes feel youthful. Ankle straps add daintiness.

Pumps, Sandals or Boots?

Sleek pumps offer timeless elegance. Backless mules or ankle strap sandals work for warm climates. Funky boots express free-spirited style.

Complement Your Gown

Let your dress silhouette determine appropriate heel heights and toe/ankle styling. A ballgown pairs best with heels while a beachy skirt screams for casual flats or sandals. Make sure legs flatter.

Venue Setting

Indoor, outdoor, grass, sand, and other terrain may dictate flats or wedges for safety and comfort over stilettos. Consider walkways.

DIY Embellishment Ideas for Wedding Shoes

Once you’ve selected the foundational shoes, it’s time for fun additions!

Fabric Rosettes

Craft rosettes from your wedding colors to attach across straps, the front, or cascading down heels. Use hot glue for security.

Velvet Ribbons

Wrap velvet ribbons around ankles or crisscross over toes depending on shoe style. Finish with elegant bows or trailing ends.

Lace Appliques

Cut lace appliques into shapes like flowers, hearts, or butterflies. Affix with fabric glue in places like heels or toes for accent.

Crystal Rhinestones

Outline shoe straps, edges, and cutout details with dazzling clear or colored crystal rhinestones. Use craft glue for strong hold.

Glitter Accents

Brush plate adhesive onto elements like heels, platforms, or sole edges then coat with glitter for sparkle. Seal with glue after coating.

Faux Flowers or Greenery

Affix a few fabric flower buds, small pom poms, faux leaves, or succulents for a dash of botanical whimsy.

String Pearls

Wrap thin strands of costume pearls around straps, ankles or arch contours. Secure knots with clear nail polish or glue dots.

Adding Sentimental Charms

Tiny charms infuse big personal meaning:

Initial Charms

Glue on your first initial and your partner’s initial charms side by side on the toe cap or sole to symbolize the two of you.

Birthstone Charms

Affix petite birthstone charms marking yours and your fiance’s birth months somewhere sweet like the toe tip or heel back.

Location Charms

Pick city skyline charms, state shape charms, beach themed charms or other geographically meaningful charms based on your wedding setting.

Travel Charms

For destination weddings, decorative plane, palm tree, trolley, landmark charms represent your exotic locale.

Bride and Groom Charms

Tiny bride and groom figurine charms placed side by side on the toes or heels make a cute personalized accent.

Heart Charms

Tiny silver or bejeweled heart charms attached to the laces, straps or insoles spread love wherever your feet go.

Creative Embellishment Techniques

Use these methods for affixing shoe accents:

Fabric Glue

Fabric glue like E6000 creates a strong flexible hold on non-porous shoe materials. Use sparingly to avoid oozing.

Hot Glue

Hot glue adheres items quickly but isn’t quite as long-lasting. It works better on organic fabrics versus plastic, vinyl or patent leather.

Stitch Accents

Hand or machine stitch fabric details in place using sturdy threads and stitches. Use curved upholstery needles to pierce tough leathers.

Adhesive Tape

Double-sided fabric tape or wig tape temporarily adheres fabric and embellishments during wear, then removes cleanly post-wedding.

Craft Jewelry Findings

Use eyepins, wire, jump rings and jewelry glues suited for metal shoes to securely fasten charms and crystals so they move naturally.

Weaving Through Laces

Weave slender ribbons and strings of pearls through lace eyelets or gaps for integrated accents that won’t snag or catch.

However you choose to decorate, make sure embellishments feel secure so you can dance the night away confidently in your customized wedding sole mates!

Top Tips for DIY Shoe Embellishment

Follow these tips for success embellishing your wedding footwear:

  • Test decorative materials against your actual shoes first rather than swatches to ensure glue or fabrics won’t bleed or damage the shoes.
  • Check dress length and avoid decor below the hemline that won’t peek out. Focus embellishments mainly on toe caps, vamps, straps and heels.
  • Place charms and crystals into settings or pronged bases when possible so the bottoms or edges don’t scratch your feet.
  • Hand sew longer strands of pearls using strong upholstery or button thread to support weight evenly versus craft glue taking the tension.
  • For open toes, make sure added elements don’t cram toes or rub uncomfortably. Preserve function first.
  • Set shoe decorations a few days before the wedding to allow all adhesives to fully cure so pieces don’t loosen and fall off mid-event.
  • Consider adding padded insoles for comfort and accounting for wider feet if shoes run narrow. Temporary gel inserts add cushy support.
  • Bring emergency repair supplies day-of like extra glue dots just in case. Craft signer solves slippage issues quickly.

Dancing at your dream wedding in your fresh kicks transformed into one-of-a-kind shoe art is sure to make wonderful memories and photos. Craft your sole mates with love!

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