Handmade Jewelry Using seashells: Turn Beach Memories into Wearable Souvenirs

seashell jewellery

Handmade Jewelry Using Seashells: Turn Beach Memories into Wearable Souvenirs


Seashells gathered from the beach transform into natural handmade jewelry full of textured organic beauty. With some simple drilling and wire wrapping skills, delicate shells and fragments become stunning pendants, dangle earrings, and charm bracelet souvenirs.

This guide covers ways to repurpose leftover vacation seashells into jewelry keepsakes. Learn techniques like cutting, polishing, clustering, and stabilizing shells. Discover ideas for making driftwood, starfish, coral, and pearl pieces to treasure beach memories through jewelry.

Benefits of Using Seashells for Jewelry Making

Seashells offer many advantages as a jewelry material:

  • Provide natural beauty in an endless variety of shapes and markings
  • Allow repurposing discarded fragments into eco-friendly jewelry
  • Result in lightweight, comfortable wearable beach souvenirs
  • Unique textures and striking colors suit coastal, island, and nautical themes
  • Smooth polished shells feel pleasing against the skin
  • Make affordable jewelry using free materials collected yourself
  • Pair beautifully with other beachy elements like string, hemp, sand, pearls
  • Look stunning grouped into organic sea-inspired designs
  • Offer opportunity for creative upcycling of found objects

Helpful Tools and Materials for Crafting Seashell Jewelry

Specialized tools assist manipulating delicate shells:

  • Tile nippers – Trim sea shells cleanly along natural seam lines
  • Small plier set – Grip and shape tiny shell pieces without crushing
  • Rotary tool – Carefully abrades and polishes shell surfaces
  • Pin vise – Holds micro drill bits steady for drilling clean shell holes
  • Jeweler’s saw – Cuts intricate notches, windows, and shapes from shells
  • Files – Smooth rough drill holes and cut shell edges
  • Sanding sticks – Fine sanding removes scratches from shell exteriors
  • Microfiber cloth – Final buffing restores lustrous shell sheen
  • Clear sealant – Protects porous calcified inner shell layers

Best Seashells for Making Jewelry

Look for these top shell types and varieties:

  • Small thinner shells – Easy to drill, wire wrap, and cluster
  • Smooth glossy shells – Show off vibrant natural coloring
  • Delicate lace shells – Filigree shapes mimic jewelry metals
  • Spiral cone shells – Mimic shape of hooks, allowing hanging
  • Flat scallop shells – Useful whole or cut into circles
  • Sturdy shells – Withstand drill holes without shattering
  • Extra large shells – Make bold statement pendants
  • Colorful coral fragments – Polish into beads; add texture
  • Pearlescent lining – Beautiful accent material when revealed
  • Unique local shells – Turn vacation finds into regional souvenirs

Techniques for Transforming Seashells into Jewelry

Follow these tips for turning shells into lovely accessories:

  • Wrap a damp rag around shells to steam gently and clean surface gunk before cutting
  • Use a rotary tool’s smallest bits to drill out interior shells without shattering
  • Cut shells along natural groove indentations for clean edges that don’t require finishing
  • Glue bails directly onto the inside back of lightweight pendant shells using E6000
  • Affix heavier shells horizontally onto base plates or wire bail supports to distribute weight
  • Showcase iridescent inner shell layers revealed through strategic cutouts and windows
  • Protect porous exposed interior shell strata with clear acrylic spray sealants
  • Wire wrap around shell edges using thin craft wire secured with beads
  • Cluster an assortment of drilled shells together into organic strand necklaces and dangle earrings

Inspiring Seashell Jewelry Designs

Looking for ideas to spark creativity? Try these beautiful ways to transform seashells into jewelry:

  • Simple wire wrapped rings wrapping slender shells in spirals along the shank
  • Statement bib necklaces clustering a gradient of small to large shells on black cording
  • Delicate lace cone shell chandelier earrings with clusters dangling from gold earwires
  • Chunky shell bead bracelets drilling discs from shells and stringing on leather cord
  • Starfish dangle pendants using a crystal rondelle glued in the center
  • Pearl and shell anklets mixing natural pearl beads with tiny shell charms along length
  • Nautical charm bracelets with miniature shell beads and sea-themed glass charms
  • Pearly nautilus shell rings cutting thin cross-section slices
  • Polished coral bead necklaces carefully drilling through delicate branches
  • Pearlescent shell flower pendants created from clustered pinwheel shaped shells

Professional Seashell Jewelry Making Tips

Use these pro tips for elevated sea-inspired jewelry:

  • Photograph collections of shells and sea glass against backgrounds like starfish printed fabric
  • Label necklaces and earrings with shell species names like “Jingle Shell Chandeliers”
  • Display jewelry on sand, nets, cork, or shells for complementary presentation
  • Develop a signature style like colorful clustered dangles or large single statement pendants
  • Create themed collections like “Sunlit Shoreline” using all warm golden tones
  • Carry a small zippered purse on beach trips to protect fragile shells before jewelry making
  • Prominently feature the most pristine shells by showcasing whole and uncut
  • Arrange assorted shells attractively prior to adhering or stringing for balanced dispersed colors
  • Match metals and cord colors to shells for cohesion like rose gold with pink shells

Troubleshooting Common Seashell Jewelry Issues

Seashells can present challenges. Here are solutions to frequent problems:

Chipping and Shattering – Use a sharp carbide engraver bit rather than standard drill bits. Drill very slowly with minimal pressure. Dip bits in oil.

Unpleasant Odors – Deodorize shells by soaking in a 50/50 vinegar and water bath for 2-3 days until smell dissipates.

Dull Appearance – Restore lustrous sheen by gently buffing with a soft rag dipped into mineral or olive oil. Avoid buffing pearlescent interior.

Drilling Cracking Shells – Start holes gently with a thinner bit, gradually working up to the desired hole diameter to avoid shell damage.

Adhesive Not Bonding – Roughen smooth shell surfaces before gluing using fine sandpaper. Wash and dry shells fully so any coatings don’t block adhesion.

Edge ChippingSupport and protect thin fragile edges while working on shells. Consider wire wrapping or resin coats to strengthen vulnerable areas.


With some jewelry making skill, leftover seashells gain renewed purpose crafted into handmade memory jewelry. Drilling, cutting, and wire wrapping shells creates natural beach-chic accessories to enjoy beyond vacations.

Let each shell become a canvas for creating whimsical nautical designs capturing the essence of carefree seaside trips. Follow principles of upcycling by transforming discarded sea treasures into heirlooms.

The variations in sizes, shapes, and markings make every ocean-born jewelry piece unique. With a commitment to responsible collecting, craft stunning bracelets, necklaces, and dangles keeping the spirit of the beach close all year.

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