How to Make Trendy Pet Bow Ties: Quick Handmade Fashion for Formal Occasions

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How to Make Trendy Pet Bow Ties: Quick Handmade Fashion for Formal Occasions

Pets love to strut their stuff in stylish accessories. For formal events and professional photos, bow ties take their look up a notch. But store-bought ties can be pricey and limited in color and pattern options. With some simple supplies and sewing skills, you can easily make on-trend bow ties to fit your pet perfectly.

In this article, we’ll walk through how to whip up dapper custom bow ties that’ll make your pet look photo-ready in a flash. Let’s get started on some DIY pet fashion that’s tailored, timeless, and budget-friendly!

Bow Tie Materials and Tools

Crafting cute handmade pet bow ties is simple with just a few supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Cotton, felt, or faux suede/leather
  • 1/4 yard should make multiple ties
  • Opt for solids, patterns, textures


  • Grosgrain, satin, sheer
  • 1/8 yard, 5/8” width
  • Match or contrast tie fabric


  • Upholstery or heavy duty thread
  • Match or contrast fabric


  • Self-adhesive dots or sew-on strips
  • 1⁄2” width recommended

Scissors, Ruler, Pins, Needle

With these supplies prepped, let’s get into how to turn them into trendy pet bow ties!

How to Make Classic Bow Ties

A classic triangular bow tie is a timeless look for pets. Follow these steps to sew a dapper tie:

Step 1: Cut Fabric

  • Cut a rectangle of main fabric, 9” x 5”
  • Cut a rectangle of ribbon, 9” x 2”

Step 2: Fold Ribbon in Half

  • Fold ribbon lengthwise
  • Stitch closed into a tube

Step 3: Pin and Stitch Tie Pieces

  • Place ribbon tube centrally on fabric
  • Fold fabric around ribbon and pin
  • Sew around all edges, leaving open end

Step 4: Turn Right Side Out

  • Trim corners and turn outside out
  • Use a pen to push out corners

Step 5: Add Velcro Fasteners

  • Sew or stick Velcro dots/strips on open ends

Step 6: Fluff into a Bow!

  • Wrap ribbon around center
  • Fluff and shape fabric into wings
  • Crisp stitching keeps its structure

And that’s it – you’ve made an adorable pet bow tie! Follow this easy process with any colors and fabrics to create one-of-a-kind ties.

Sew Floppy Bow Tie Designs

Floppy bow ties have an undone, casual vibe perfect for pets. Try this method for relaxed ties:

Step 1: Cut Fabric

  • Cut wider rectangle of main fabric, 11” x 6”
  • Cut a rectangle of ribbon, 11” x 2”

Step 2: Sew Ribbon to Fabric

Step 3: Fold Fabric in Half

  • Fold long sides to meet at ribbon center
  • Stitch closed along raw edges, leaving open end

Step 4: Add Velcro Fasteners

  • Sew or stick Velcro dots/strips on open ends

Step 5: Fluff into a Bow!

The floppy construction creates a more casual, undone look perfect for pets who love comfort.

Craft Basic Bow Tie Shapes

Add dimensionality by crafting 3D bow ties made from basic shapes.

Gathered Circle Tie

Folded Triangle Tie

  • Cut isosceles triangle from fabric
  • Fold in half to make a cone
  • Whipstitch raw edges closed

Simple Bow Tie

  • Cut 1” wide x 12” long fabric strip
  • Tie ends together in a bow shape
  • Tack stitch in place

Have fun playing with different shapes and fabrics. Layer them for extra texture and color.

Add Creative Embellishments

Take your ties up a notch with fun embellishments that show off your pet’s personality.

  • Buttons, beads, sequins, studs
  • Applique patches, flair, or monograms
  • Creative trim – rick rack, ribbons, lace
  • Color blocking with fabric piecing
  • Contrast stitching, thread accents
  • Mix prints, patterns, textures together

Accessorize your pet’s ties to coordinate with their unique style. Make it modern, preppy, punk rock or posh!

Finish with Durable Fasteners

Securing bow ties is key so they stay stylish at events and photo shoots.

Collar Clips

Plastic collar clips slide right onto collars. Sturdy for occasional wear.

Elastic Loops

Sew loops onto tie ends to slip over the head. Ensure very flexible elastic.

Velcro Fasteners

Self-adhesive or sewn Velcro provides adjustable fastening. Great for tricky pet head shapes.

Ties or Snap Closures

Add adjustable ribbon ties or snap closures to keep them secure.

Test for comfort and functionality. Striking that perfect balance between fashion and function is the final step to pet tie DIY success!

Handmade Bow Ties for Different Pets

Bow ties suit all types of pets. Consider these tips when sewing ties for different animals:


Opt for stretchy elastic loops to fit over variety of head sizes. Size width based on neck dimensions.


Make ties lightweight. Attach elastic loops to collar, not over head. Monitor wear.

Small Pets

Use miniature tie shapes sized for hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets. Elastic through cage bars to attach.


Choose ribbon or leather ties. Click-clasp or tie onto ankle bands. Supervise wear.

Tie shapes can be adapted to suit any pet. Just ensure proper fit and check for chewing/damage.

Bow Tie Inspiration for Formal Events

Looking dapper for special occasions calls for bow tie flair. Here are some classy tie ideas for events:


Formal satin ties in white, black, or wedding colors. Accent with flowers, lace, or pearl beads.


Brightly patterned ties in birthday themed fabrics. Accent with felt or glittered shapes and letters.


Tasteful stripes, solids, or school colors. Decorate with metallic charms for achievements.


Red, green, and metallic ties for winter holidays. Florals and pastels for spring events.


Modern geometric, plaid, or floral ties. Add subtle bling or novelty trims for a playful prom look.

Dress your pet to the nines with elegant ties suiting any special occasion.

Fashionable Photos Demand Dapper Bow Ties

Getting those perfect pet glamour shots calls for accessorizing. Bow ties lend sophistication for occasions like:

Family Portraits

Coordinate ties with the color scheme. Plaids, tweed, knits for timeless flair.

Shelter Pet Portraits

Bright, cheerful ties attract adopters. Try embroidered names or slogans.

Holiday Photos

Red, green, and patterned ties set the festive mood. Snowflakes, trees, or bows accentuate.

Milestone Photos

Birthdays, adoptions, vacations – commemorate in style!

Business Branding

Logo or product-themed ties for mascots and spokespets.

Ties transform traditional pet photos into polished professional portraits.

Adding a dash of bow tie fashion allows you to showcase your pet’s unique personality for any occasion. With the sewing skills and design ideas in this article, you can create customizable ties for a fraction of the cost of store-bought. Get creative with colors, patterns, shapes, and details that’ll make your pet look pawfectly photogenic! Craft a signature look that ties your formal pet style together.

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