Handmade Jewelry Trends: What’s Hot Right Now in Modern Jewelry Making

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Handmade Jewelry Trends: What’s Hot Right Now in Modern Jewelry Making


Staying on top of jewelry trends keeps your handmade designs fresh, relevant, and appealing to customers. While classic styles never fade, updating details and themes breathes new life into your work.

This guide covers major trends dominating today’s handmade jewelry scene. Learn what’s hot in materials, styles, techniques, and inspirations. Discover ways to implement trendy elements through colors, shapes, and decorative details to take your own jewelry creations to the next level.

Benefits of Following Jewelry Trends

Tuning into what’s trending in jewelry offers many advantages for makers:

Researching the Latest Jewelry Making Trends

Stay on top of the ever-changing trends with these resources:

Social Media

Follow jewelry hashtags, maker accounts, and fan pages for a real-time pulse of what’s buzzing now.

Etsy Team Forums

Makers in the Handmade Jewelry Team forum often discuss emerging trends in materials and styles.

Etsy Seller Newsletters

Read Etsy’s regular trend reports for insights across all handmade categories, including jewelry.


New jewelry styles gain momentum fast through Pinterest. Follow fashion and DIY pins.

Jewelry Trade Publications

Industry magazines highlight new material innovations and forecast coming trends.

Boutiques and Galleries

Visit brick and mortar shops to see new finished jewelry and displays in person.

Fashion Runways

Haute couture runway shows influence downstream jewelry style shifts. Pay attention.

Popular Culture

Movies, TV shows, music videos and celebrity fashion also drive mainstream jewelry crazes.

Current Hot Jewelry Making Trends and Themes

Here are major styles, materials, and inspirations gaining traction right now in modern handmade jewelry:

Oversized Statement Jewelry

Bold, attention-grabbing statement pieces in vibrant colors make the core outfit pop. Distinctive earrings and necklaces shine.

Beaded Jewelry

Intricate hand beaded strands in bright gemstone colors capture light beautifully. Layering eclectic lengths blends tones.

Handmade Hoop Earrings

Chunky metal and gemstone hoop earrings handcrafted with decorative shapes, links, and adornments.

Rustic Jewelry

Natural stones and organic shapes like wood beads embody cozy, earthy style. Handmade imperfections boost appeal.

Celestial Jewelry

Heavenly designs with moon, stars, sun, celestial bodies, and zodiac symbols made modern and delicate.

Monochromatic Jewelry

Tonal looks featuring gradients and mixes of the same hue. Especially sea glass greens and blues.

1970s Retro Jewelry

Vintage throwback styles resurrecting bright disco palettes, organic shapes, and funky handmade textures.

Pearls Revived

Baroque pearls and colorful freshwater pearls replace prim strands. Also prominent in bridal jewelry.

Eclectic Mix-and-Match

Clashing combination necklaces or curated ears mixing varied jewelry mediums, styles, and palettes.

Minimalist Jewelry

Subtle and delicate jewelry in slim silhouettes. Simple metallics and tiny gem accents.

Current Hot Jewelry Materials and Techniques

Beyond styling themes, specific materials and methods are fueling modern jewelry:

Recycled Metals

Eco-conscious jewelry utilizes salvaged precious metals, upcycled hardware, and vintage jewelry bits.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Affordable, ethical lab diamonds replace mined stones. Especially trendy in modern engagement rings.

Resin Jewelry

Domed pendants and abstract marbled pieces encapsulate objects in glossy tinted resin.

Metal Clay Jewelry

Forged metal looks without a forge using molded metal clay components after kiln firing.

Marble & Wood Jewelry

Natural materials like marble, travertine, and exotic wood beads strike an earthy elegance.

Macrame Jewelry

Boho knotted designs in cotton cording with chunky woven and beaded accents.

Crochet Jewelry

Delicate crocheted chains and motifs in fine threads offer an artisanal look.

Handmade Beads

One-of-a-kind lampwork glass, metal, paper, and ceramic beads add whimsy and color.

Textured Metals

Hammered, stamped, oxidized, and otherwise distressed metal surfaces provide depth.

Incorporating Trends Into Your Jewelry Designs

Make your pieces fresher by integrating elements aligned with today’s prevailing jewelry styles and materials:


Use trendy hues like Living Coral and Ultra Violet in finishes, gemstones, enamels, and bead palettes.


Bold rounded organic shapes are hot now. Facet only minimal accent stones for balance.


Consider mixed textures with deliberate distressed and hammered metals contrasting against smooth domed cabochons.


Celestial charms, initials, safety pins, and hearts maintain relevancy. Florals and butterflies also rise.


Make statement clasps part of the design aesthetic. Tap into interest in drawstring, crochet, and macrame neck closures.


Match the energy of the moment with radiant polished metals or go earthy with patinas and oxidization like vintage brass.


Take inspiration from runway looks by adding trendy touches like mismatched earrings, chunky chains, multi-bands, hatpins, or body chains.

Balancing Timeless and Trendy

Follow these tips to integrate hot modern elements while ensuring longevity:


Monitoring handmade jewelry trends keeps your artistic vision energized with fresh ideas and helps attract new admirers to your work.

Let the ebb and flow of trend waves inspire rather than overwhelm. Add your distinctive touches, color palette, and materials mix to interpret popular themes through your own creative lens.

By thoughtfully integrating elements aligned with today’s jewelry moment, both current and timeless, your handmade designs feel relevant. Ultimately the goal is crafting pieces that reflect your artistic spirit while resonating with your ideal customers.

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