Quick Weekend Projects: Handmade Jewelry Crafts You Can Complete Fast

Quick Weekend Projects: Handmade Jewelry Crafts You Can Complete Fast


With busy schedules, finding time for hobbies like handmade jewelry can seem improbable. However, many crafty jewelry projects conveniently come together over just quick focused weekends thanks to simple techniques.

This guide shares handmade jewelry ideas perfect for weekend crafting. We’ll explore fast projects incorporating bead stringing, wire wrapping, knotting, and other beginner-friendly methods producing pro-looking results in hours, not months. With some creativity and few supplies, two leisurely days crafting jewelry masterpieces makes a rewarding weekend well spent!

Weekend Beaded Jewelry Projects

Beading projects allow satisfying payoff for limited time invested arranging colorful gems and baubles into wearable art.

Beaded Lariat Necklace

  • Select beads coordinating in size, color, and pattern
  • Cut length of beading wire with clasp
  • Arrange beads, then string by sliding onto wire
  • Attach clasp ends to finish

Beaded Braided Bracelet

  • Set out embroidery floss in coordinating colors
  • Fold strands together
  • Begin braiding the strands while periodically adding beads
  • Knot ends once reaching desired length

Dipped Beaded Earrings

Mixed Wood and Gemstone Necklace

  • Drill holes into assorted wood and stone beads and chips
  • Cut length of leather cording to desired necklace length
  • String beads in pattern onto leather cording
  • Finish with clasp

Quick Wire Wrapped Jewelry

With some pliers, wire, and beads, basic wire wrapping skills quickly transform components into shimmering jewelry masterpieces.

Simple Wire Wrapped Ring

  • Form wire into ring shape, joining ends
  • Choose bead or stone for center
  • Wrap wire around bead to secure it
  • Adjust ring size by gently squeezing

Wire Wrapped Druzy Pendant

  • Create wire wrap loop large enough to string onto chain
  • Center druzy gemstone in loop
  • Wrap wire ends securely around stone
  • Attach chain through loop to complete necklace

Mixed Metal Wire Wrapped Hoops

  • Cut two different colored wires into short lengths
  • Twist wires together
  • Shape into small hoops
  • Wrap hoop ends attractively

Shell or Stone Charm Bracelet

  • Cut wire into 3-4 inch lengths
  • Create a wrapped loop on one end
  • Thread shell or stone bead onto wire
  • Wrap other end around to secure charm
  • Link charms together into a bracelet

Weekend Knotting and Macrame Jewelry

For relaxing weekends, knotting and macrame projects result in stylish handmade jewelry Full of artful texture perfect for gifts or self-adorning.

Simple Knotted Bracelet

  • Cut length of knotting cord
  • Make series of overhand knots randomly spacing beads between knots
  • When desired length, knot ends together to close bracelet

Wave Knot Necklace

  • Cut longer length of knotting cord
  • Follow tutorials for forming “wave knot” pattern
  • Space beads between knots as desired
  • Finish with class and decorative knots

Easy Macrame Bracelet

  • Set up square knot macrame pattern
  • Periodically string beads between knots for color
  • When length is reached, finish ends with knots
  • Add finding and closure

Bohemian Macrame Choker

  • Tie adjustable sliding knots at necklace ends
  • Knot assorted cords and ribbons into macrame
  • Space glass beads and found objects between knots
  • Adjust knots snugly to fit neck

Quick Weekend Jewelry Using Hardware

For urban edge, hardware store finds fast transform into rings, bracelets, earrings and more with glue and simple hand tools.

Washers Stacking Ring

  • Arrange assorted washers by size
  • Apply strong adhesive ring blank end
  • Allow to fully dry
  • Size by gently squeezing washers

Colorful Bobby Pin Chain Necklace

  • Link various colored bobby pins together loosely
  • At each end, attach a clasp finding to finish necklace

Paperclip Dangle Earrings

  • Unfold paperclips into long S-shapes
  • Attach earring hooks to one end of each
  • Use pliers to wrap and curl the opposite ends

Gear Embellished Cuff

  • Adhere assorted small hardware like washers onto a plain cuff
  • When dry, seal with clear jewelry enamel spray

Quick Jewelry Projects Using Natural Elements

Gathering pebbles, shells, and beautiful bits from nature during a weekend outing sets the stage for fast eco-inspired jewelry.

Sea Glass Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Driftwood Cuff Bracelet

  • Collect interesting dried driftwood bits on beach walk
  • Arrange into cuff shape and glue in place
  • Add optional wire wrapping for extra hold once dry

Shell Chip Necklace

  • Drill holes into assorted small shell pieces
  • String shells and colorful beads onto leather cord
  • Finish with clasps for quick beachy necklace

Leaf and Acorn Jewelry


Handmade jewelry provides crafters quick creative fulfillment when using techniques like bead stringing, wire wrapping, knotting, and found objects that come together fast over weekends or in spare moments. Don’t let limited time dissuade exploring jewelry making. Gather inspirational gems, metals, and findings, then rediscover the power of focused hands-on editing. The simplicity of finishing wearable art over just quick rewarding sessions makes jewelry crafting achievable for busy people. Not every piece must become a masterwork – sometimes raw simple beauty crafter over hours instead of months brings the deepest joy. Don’t overthink perfection. Instead create freely, finish promptly, and enjoy wearing or gifting the handmade results.

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