Handmade Jewelry Using Scrabble Tiles: Wordy and Whimsical Designs

Handmade Jewelry Using Scrabble Tiles: Wordy and Whimsical Designs


Vintage Scrabble game tiles contain a fun stash of materials perfect for crafting handmade jewelry brimming with retro charm. With some strategic arranging and adhering, these game pieces transform into customizable pendants, charms, and one-of-a-kind trinkets.

This guide covers innovative ways to creatively repurpose Scrabble tiles into jewelry keepsakes. Learn techniques like decoupage, resin sealing, embellishing, and clustering letters into meaningful designs. Discover project ideas for sentimental word jewelry anyone would love to wear.

Benefits of Using Scrabble Tiles for Jewelry Making

Scrabble tiles offer many advantages as a jewelry crafting material:

  • Provide inexpensive, easy to find letters and blanks in two sizes
  • Allow very unique personalized word and name jewelry
  • Offer endless combinations spelling out sentiments, lyrics, dates etc.
  • Fun, playful medium for injecting light-hearted touches into designs
  • Distinctive primary colored lettering palette
  • Durable bakelite tiles withstand crafting rigors well
  • Easy to cut, glue, embellish, seal, drill, and embed
  • Readily available replacement letters allow reconfiguring designs
  • Make thoughtful handmade gifts using meaningful vocabulary

Must-Have Tools and Supplies for Crafting Jewelry with Scrabble Tiles

Scrabble tile jewelry benefits from a few handy extras:

  • Craft glue – Securely bonds game tiles onto bases
  • Epoxy resin – Encapsulates tiles into glassy translucent pieces
  • Jewelry glue – Affixes heavy embellishments onto lightweight tiles
  • Nippers – Cut individual letters cleanly away from main tile strip
  • Hole punch – Quickly punch holes into tiles for stringing
  • Acrylic spray sealer – Provides durable protective top coat
  • Jump rings – Connect completed Scrabble elements into finished jewelry
  • Clear cabochons – Press tiles into domed resin cab blanks for a dimensional look
  • Decoupage sealer – Added protection strengthening thin tile paper
  • Fine tweezers – Precisely place tiny tiles without shifting

Crafting Jewelry Using Scrabble Tiles

Follow these techniques to integrate Scrabble tiles into wearable art:

  • Arrange letters into meaningful words, phrases, names, dates etc.
  • Glue completed words onto jewelry pendant trays and charm blanks
  • Affix letters into drilled wood discs tocreate engraved necklace pendants
  • Frame words between glass or under domed cabochons
  • Use embellishments like game pieces and dice to create cohesive game-inspired theme jewelry
  • Color letters with nail polish or enamel then wipe away excess on tile faces
  • Surround letters with filigree frames using wirework or metal stamping techniques
  • Ink tile letter edges using black or brown dye for an aged antique look
  • Create custom Stamped Scrabble pendants by gluing letters onto flattened bottlecaps
  • Preserve and protect completed Scrabble pieces using either resin or varnish sealants

Inspiring Jewelry Pieces Using Scrabble Tiles

Need ideas for Scrabble tile jewelry projects? Here are some beautiful ways to repurpose the game pieces:

  • Pet name necklaces spelling out kitty, puppy, bunny, guinea pig monikers
  • Initial necklaces featuring first, middle, and last initials on coordinating length chains
  • Engraved tree of life pendants with families’ names branching from the center
  • “BFF” layered necklaces with best friend names on mini silver discs
  • “Mom” and “Dad” engraved circle pendant necklaces
  • Birthstone charm bracelets with month names bead set along with coordinating gemstone beads
  • Anniversary date bracelets framing special numbered Scrabble tiles in wire wraps
  • “Love you” confetti acrylic necklaces filled with scattered letters sealed in resin cabochons
  • Custom guitar pick pendants featuring band names stamped onto picks then sealing tiles with epoxy resin
  • Children’s growth progress pendants marking heights annually using stamping onto flattened pennies

Design Tips for Elevated Scrabble Tile Jewelry Creations

Apply these techniques for next-level repurposed tile jewelry:

  • Photograph vibrant Scrabble designs against bold complementary backgrounds like red and white checks
  • Curate themed collections using cohesive color schemes or common motifs
  • Showcase dimensional layers, textures, and leafed embellishments through quality photography
  • Develop signature elements like cartouche outlines or wreath borders surrounding featured titles
  • Carry over game elements into jewelry like usingSquares as period endings or blank tiles as spacers
  • Name pieces descriptively incorporating keywords related to game night, gifts, hobbies, and recipients
  • Craft his/hers companion sets using paired vocabulary like “Player 1” and “Player 2” pendants
  • Make tiles into stacks of two or three layers cemented together for added dimension
  • Consider sentimental repurposing heirloom family game boards into jewelry to add meaning

Tips for Making Quality Scrabble Tile Jewelry

Use these professional techniques for achieving quality results:

  • Check tile bottoms for damage spots or incomplete laminate before adhering
  • Glue embellishments using strong jewelry epoxy to prevent losing raised elements
  • Fill entire resin cabochon backs to completely seal edges and avoid trapped bubbles
  • Test paint pens on spare blank tiles first before decorating priceless personal tiles
  • Avoid over-brushing decoupage sealer which can dissolve ink lettering if not fully cured
  • Affix findings using metal glue or epoxy for superior strength over craft glues
  • Pre-drill holes slightly smaller than eye pins before inserting to ensure very snug fit
  • Dab sealants on final coats using foam brush to avoid brushstroke marks ruining glossy finishes


With a bit of imagination, humble Scrabble game pieces transform from discarded gaming supplies into lovely wearable sentimental jewelry treasures. Personalize pendants, beads, and charms by spelling out meaningful vocabulary.

Repurpose well-loved family game sets into one-of-a-kind jewelry keepsakes. Handcrafting addsyour own love into each game memento before gifting.

Let leftover letters find renewed purpose.experiment with different languages, abbreviations, monograms, and custom vocabularies like song lyrics to add extra layers of meaning. With a simple adhering, drilling, or framing, give discarded game tiles new life!

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