Handmade Jewelry Using Computer Parts: Techy Chic Upcycled Pieces

Handmade Jewelry Using Computer Parts: Techy Chic Upcycled Pieces


Repurposing discarded computer components allows creating tech-inspired jewelry designs with edgy modern style. From CPU chips to keyboard keys, this guide covers ways to transform electronic waste destined for landfills into chic wearable art pieces.

Learn techniques like etching, enameling, and wire wrapping to give second life to motherboards, computer keyboards, and other e-scrap. Discover project ideas for computer part rings, bracelets, pendants and cufflinks that uniquely merge technology with jewelry crafting through upcycling.

Benefits of Using Computer Parts for Jewelry

Computing components offer advantages for handmade jewelry:

  • Provide wide selection of interesting shapes, textures, and color
  • Allow following principles of sustainable jewelry making through upcycling
  • Result in extremely unique steampunk, cyberpunk, and future-retro styles
  • Offer conversation starter pieces reflecting our relationship with technology
  • Enable durable jewelry designs able to stand up to daily wear
  • Supply affordable materials sourced recycled very inexpensively
  • Pair beautifully with other metals and gemstones
  • Require minimal tools accessible to most hobby jewelry makers

Must-Have Tools for Working with Computer Components

Basic jewelry tools allow disassembling and modifying computer parts:

  • Needle nose pliers – Grip and bend small computer piece connectors and pins
  • Flat nose pliers – Bend flat backed computer pins into shapes
  • Wire cutters – Clip leads and pins cleanly to desired length
  • Wire strippers – Remove plastic coating from multistranded wire
  • Flush cutters – Cut minute electronic component leads right at board surface
  • Soldering iron – Solder embellishments onto computer part blanks
  • Jeweler’s saw – Cut notches or custom shapes from motherboard scraps
  • Sandpaper – Smooth sharp edges of circuit boards, pins, and connectors
  • Protective eyewear – Guard eyes from debris when modifying e-scrap

Must-Have Computer Components for Upcycled Jewelry

Browse computer recycling facilities and thrift stores to find ideal parts ripe for transforming into tech jewelry:

Techniques for Crafting Jewelry from Computer Parts

Follow these tips for repurposing electronic waste into wearable art:

  • Use acetone or paint stripper to remove solder mask coating from PCBs to expose the copper traces
  • Etch copper traces on stripped boards with ferric chloride or electric etching process to create detailed textures
  • Mask off sections of boards with tape or resist to selectively etch portions of circuits for contrast
  • Use jeweler’s saw to cut notches, slots, and custom shapes from fiberglass boards and plastic cases
  • Split apart multi-pin connectors and either solder pins into designs or individually wire wrap as beads
  • Apply colored transparent enamels to metal pins and connectors. Fuse using a jewelry kiln or enameling torch.
  • Wire wrap usable chips and components into cyber punk jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks
  • Inlay circuit board sections or computer chips into jewelry resin for abstract embedded designs

Unique Upcycled Jewelry Made Using Computer Parts

Looking for design inspirations? Here are beautiful ways to transform discarded computer components into eco-chic jewelry:

  • Etched motherboard shard drop earrings showing circuit traces as abstract modern designs
  • Vintage typewriter key pendants with replaced keys referencing technology like ‘delete’ and ‘escape’
  • RAM stick rings with notches cut to fit the finger, exposing the integrated circuitry within
  • Wire wrapped spool beads made by stripping multistrand wire from electrical cords and cables
  • Cubic zirconia crystals set into drilled holes on gold plated motherboard sections
  • Necklaces made from interconnected bold jump rings cut and filed from finishing washers
  • Cufflinks shaped from dense colorful heat sinks enamelled using bright transparent paints
  • Computer pin chain mail bracelets weaving together neatly soldered pins and connectors
  • Steampunk monocle pendants framing miniature salvaged computer chips under epoxy domes
  • Table clock jewelry made from repurposed motherboard backings fitted with embedded clock mechanisms

Ideas for Upcycling Computer Keyboard Parts into Jewelry

Give discarded computer keyboards new life through handmade jewelry by trying these creative methods:

  • Pry off alphabet keys to use individually as initial charms, gameboard gamepieces, or sentimental Scrabble jewelry
  • Adhere closely clustered keys still in rows onto bracelet bangles to spell out names or words
  • Edge unused keyboard circuit boards with colorful escalator trim salvaged from other boards
  • Cut keyboard supports into rings to expose the internal metal structure as adjustable statement bands
  • Use cylindrical single keys as unique interchangeable pendant drops on simple necklace chains and chokers
  • Glue multipleKeys together side-by-side to create bold cuff bracelets imprinted with tech lingo
  • Slot individual keys into a base to create interchangeable personalized thumbprint rings
  • Fill drilled out keys with colored resin tinted to match the original keycap color for visible window effects

Tips for Elevating Your Upcycled Computer Jewelry

Follow these tips for next-level computer part jewelry making:

  • Seek out computers containing lots of metal rather than plastic for best repurposing potential
  • Score computer recycling centers and university surplus auctions for bulk component deals
  • Look for materials with ornamental screws, intricate cache designs, gold plating, and bright durable colorways
  • Combine computer elements with complementary beads, charms, chains, and gemstones
  • Photograph designs on technological backgrounds like metal meshes or circuit diagrams
  • Display computer jewelry on stands with acrylic bases and LED light illumination
  • Develop cohesive collections using the same recurrent computer parts like solely RAM sticks or chips
  • Name designs after computer lingo like ‘Overclocked’, ‘Reboot’, ‘CLI’, ‘Motherboard’, etc.
  • Create unisex styles combining industrial computer parts with feminine accents like crystals or pearls


With creative vision, discarded computer components transform from e-waste into exceptional wearable art jewelry. Repurposing everything from motherboards and chips to keyboard keys and graphics cards births chic, futuristic accessories.

Use computer parts to bring abstract high-tech style to modern minimalist jewelry designs. Or create neo-Victorian steampunk pieces merging old and new technologies through upcycling.

Let computer recycling challenges become inspirational fodder. Follow principles of sustainable jewelry making by giving e-scrap new purpose. With innovation, we turn the technological tools of the past into handmade heirlooms for the future.

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