Handmade Jewelry for Kids: Cute Designs to Make and Gift

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Handmade Jewelry for Kids: Cute Designs to Make and Gift


Handcrafting jewelry engages a child’s creativity and teaches valuable skills. With supervision, children can make their own unique jewelry pieces to wear and gift. This guide covers fun jewelry projects suitable for kids along with ways to make jewelry an enriching experience.

Discover inspirations and techniques like beading, wire wrapping, and clay jewelry perfectly tailored for little hands. Let their imagination run wild crafting and playing with handmade wearable art!

Benefits of Making Handmade Kids Jewelry

Crafting jewelry offers many benefits for children:

Helpful Tools and Materials for Crafting Kids Jewelry

Stock a kid-friendly jewelry crafting kit with these essentials:

  • Pony beadsVersatile for stringing all types of projects
  • Leather, hemp, or cotton cording – Safe, durable stringing material
  • Beading wire – Coated wire reinforces longer necklaces
  • Elastic cord – Allows stretch for bracelets and chokers
  • Wire – Dead soft craft wire easiest for little hands
  • Jump rings and crimps – Connect components together
  • Jewelry pliers – For opening and closing jump rings
  • glue – Tacky glue bonds pieces together
  • Hole punch – Punches holes for attaching findings
  • Safety pins – Temporary connectors before final clasps
  • Acrylic paint – Color plain beads, wood, clay
  • Clear nail polish – Seal painted elements

10 Fun Jewelry Projects for Kids to Make

These beginner-friendly projects build skills through hands on fun:

1. Beaded Necklaces – String vibrant pony beads in patterns onto cord secured with crimps.

2. Charm bracelets – Crimp charms like stars, hearts, and animals onto bracelet cords for accessorizing.

3. Rainbow Loom Jewelry – Weave colorful rubber bands into bracelets, charms, and components using a loom board and hook.

4. Birthstone Slider Necklaces – Thread birthstone beads onto cords. Add decorative sliders to divide bead sections.

5. Painted Bead Jewelry – Paint wooden beads and clay pendants to make into necklaces and bracelets.

6. Duct Tape CuffsDecorate wrists with colorful homemade duct tape cuffs in fun patterns.

7. Yarn Bracelets and Jewelry – Practice knotting by braiding and lanyard braiding colorful yarns into textured jewelry.

8. Paper Bead Jewelry – Roll magazine strips into beads then string together for environmentally friendly designs.

9. Pasta Jewelry – Paint fun shapes onto dried pasta. String into necklaces when dry.

10. Egg Carton Jewelry – Cut egg holder dividers into rings, beads, and shapes. Paint and glue together.

Innovative Jewelry Making Ideas for Kids

Expand kids’ skills with these unique projects:

  • Candy clip-on earrings – Attach candy like gummies onto earring clips
  • Crayon melted beads – Melt old crayons into molds for colorful beads
  • Model magic décor – Roll and hand form patterned beads from clay
  • T-shirt yarn necklaces – Cut up shirts into loops and knot into necklaces
  • Puffy paint crafts – Squeeze dimensional paint to form beaded chains
  • Friendship bracelets – Weave embroidery floss with basic knots
  • Felt flower appliques – Cut out felt flowers and sew onto headbands
  • Puzzle piece jewelry – Mod Podge colorful jigsaw puzzles into pendants
  • Plastic lacing jewelry – Weave colorful recycled straws and lacing into chokers
  • Clothespin crafting – Decorate and connect clothespin pieces into jewelry

Fun Themes and Motifs for Kids Jewelry

Spark kids’ creativity with jewelry based on these playful themes:

  • Outer space – aliens, planets, rockets, astronauts
  • Ocean life – fish, shells, starfish, whales
  • Jungle animals – monkeys, tigers, elephants, zebras
  • Fantasy animals – unicorns, dragons, pegasus, phoenix
  • Flowers – daisies, roses, tulips, sunflowers
  • Foods and sweets – pineapples, cherries, cupcakes, doughnuts
  • Emotions – hearts, peace signs, smiley faces
  • Holidays and seasons – hearts, clovers, snowflakes, turkeys
  • Hobbies – ballet slippers, baseballs, bikes
  • Their initials – alphabet beads

Gift Ideas: Making Jewelry for Kids

Handcrafted jewelry makes wonderful keepsake gifts for children. Design personalized pieces conveying love and encouragement:

Tips for Successful Kid-Friendly Jewelry Projects

Follow these tips for an enriching jewelry making experience:

  • Demonstrate steps and safe tool handling before letting them do steps independently
  • Remind them to work slowly and patiently for best results
  • Prepare projects in stages if attention spans are short
  • Set up organized trays of materials to prevent overwhelm
  • Guide hands-on to steer tricky steps like threading needles
  • Let them choose colors and patterns to spark creative ownership
  • Offer refreshers if frustration arises; don’t entirely take over
  • Display finished jewelry proudly to encourage sense of achievement


Crafting handmade jewelry awakens creativity in children while teaching focus, planning, and fine motor skills. With caring guidance, kids gain confidence through successfully fashioning their own wearable artworks.

Make the process fun by allowing plenty of room for imagination in terms of colors, shapes, and designs. Offer inspiration but let them make choices to direct the activity.

Displaying finished kid-made jewelry and giving homemade gifts to loved ones fosters a sense of pride and self-esteem. Handmade jewelry crafts provide an enriching path for developing young minds.

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